The Simple Truth: No Matter What President Obama Does, Republicans Are Going to Complain

barack-obama-sadOne of my favorite jokes I see floating around the internet is the line, “If Obama came out in support of oxygen, Republicans would suffocate.”  Which is a joke clearly meant to play on the idea that no matter what President Obama does, Republicans will simply oppose it and do the opposite.

That’s why when these “both parties are the same” people come yapping at me, I simply dismiss their nonsense.  I’ve spent enough time in this business to know one thing — both parties are not the same.  Yes, they have some fundamental similarities as political parties, but that’s just the nature of politics.

People can complain about the nature of politics until they’re blue in the face—it’s never going to change.

But when it comes to President Obama, Republicans have had one clear strategy—oppose anything he supports.  That’s it.

Hell, I joked with a conservative friend the other day that had President Obama opposed the Affordable Care Act, it would have received unanimous Republican support.  After all, Republicans were the one that first came up with the idea.

Take for instance his apology to those Americans who are losing their current health insurance, despite the fact he promised Americans they would be able to keep their old plans if they wanted to.

Conservative after conservative have dismissed his apology as a “PR stunt.”  Most have said it wasn’t sincere and quite a few have questioned if it was even an apology.  That’s how bad their “don’t support whatever Obama does” strategy has become.  The words “I’m sorry” no longer equate to an apology.

But it’s funny, I remember before he apologized, quite a few Republicans saying, “Obama just needs to apologize to the American people who’ve lost their insurance.”  But now that he has, of course, it means nothing.

Just look at the Syria situation.  For months, many Republicans said we needed to get involved in Syria—until President Obama called for military action.  It was a brilliant move by the president.  He put the decision to engage in military action on a Republican-led House of Representatives that he knew normally would have supported such action — but because he was the one asking for it, he knew they wouldn’t know how to respond.

President Obama needs to fully realize this.  I understand that when he was elected he had some grand dream of being the “great uniter,” but that’s never going to happen and it never will happen.  I just wish that for his last few years in office, at every speech he gives, he just stood there and called out one Republican lie after another.  He’s done this a few times, and nearly every time he’s done it, he’s come out looking strong while Republicans looked like fools.

Because I believe the saying many liberals use is absolutely true, “Republicans hate Obama more than they love America.”

I really believe these people would rather see this country reduced to ashes if it meant defeating something President Obama supports.

So at the end of the day, no matter what happens, Republicans are going to complain and whine about anything and everything President Obama does—and trust me, they will.

But it doesn’t matter what President Obama says or does, because no matter what it is, Republicans will never be satisfied.  They’ll never stop complaining and they’ll simply say they support the opposite of whatever it is he’s saying or doing.

About Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has a degree in Political Science. He is a co-founder of Forward Progressives, and author of the popular Right Off A Cliff column. He is also the founder of the Right Off A Cliff facebook page, on which he routinely voices his opinions and stirs the pot for the Progressive movement. Follow Allen on Twitter as well, @Allen_Clifton.

  • 11bravo

    Q, = Headline.
    Answer, because he is a commie!! You do not compromise or bargain with a commie unless you have no choice. Complain, obstruct, block, and criticize everything these socialist try to pass.
    It is our duty!!

    • southside mike

      I thought the Tea baggers said he was a Nazi, Kenyan, Muslim, Terrorist, Socialist Dictator? Now he’s Communist too?

      Wow, no wonder you hate this guy!

    • Common sense

      yet you support Cruz.. a canadian dickhead with a father who had ties with Infadel Castro.. Talking out both sides of your ass..

      • 11bravo

        You call Cruz a Dlckhead yet, your posting on a 4 day old thread.
        Get a life whack-a-doodle!!

      • Common sense

        As you just did.. I quote.. “Get a life whack-a-doodle!!”

  • americanwoman

    this is untrue on a few accounts. I don’t like hearing that BO didn’t know about it, only saw what we saw on tv, he’s supposed to be the Commader in Chief, what do the repubs alone have to do with his decision? IRS scandal, so many people in his admin. have made horrid mistakes, lied and stolen from the American people, they get a small vaca and a better paying position and everything goes on as normal. Where are the answers? Chinese militia will be doing some practice drills in Hawaii, what is that all about? and it’s not only Hawaii……sometimes you have to open your eyes. He lied, lies and continues to lie and you all think it’s someone elses fault, just like him. He never does anything wrong, ever, it’s too bad, he could have made a good name for himself in History which he probably will anyway since they are changing our history books……name calling, and blaming everyone else does not a president make. He’s not even a citizen……w h a t ??????

    • Dan Schmidt

      In terms of modern history, Reagan had the most criminal administration. However, considering the entire content of your rant, you aren’t particularly aware of facts, just what Fox News tells you. Please, just watch it, and keep YOUR mute button on.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        she will be re-titling her name: overweight flatchested pissed off American white trash woman over 50

    • regressive rightwing trash

      hey cunt,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hawaii is part of America,,,and has been– hows that ted cruz Canada thing doin 4 ya?

  • http://adams4nchouse.com/ Jeremy D. Adams

    Umm, negative. If President Obama actually ended the wars, pulled back our troops to our own shores, balanced the budget, ended the income tax, ended corporatism, ended the Federal Reserve, established sound money and repealed all un-Constitutional executive orders…. I would get a life size Obama face tattoo’d on my chest and speak the mans accolades for the rest of my life.

    (Also Republicans didn’t come up with the idea of the ACA. It was two guys who are arguably not conservative, whom you most certainly don’t know their names, who merely suggested the mandate portion as a possibly solution to the mess that Medicare caused in healthcare costs.)

    • John

      To show how ridiculous your comments are, do you actually believe that any of the things you listed above could be accomplished without Republican cooperation? Delusional Republican reasoning at its’ finest.

      • http://adams4nchouse.com/ Jeremy D. Adams

        Well obviously, but anything Obama attempts to do the legal way (ie not attempting to legislate through Executive Order) is going to require Republican support. But how does that negate the reasoning? The article says “no matter what Pres. Obama does”. If President Obama does the above, then he gets mad props. Acting like we are against him no matter what? Incorrect. We are against totalitarianism and government power to make us all poor and slaves. (Of course plenty of Republicans are guilty of that as well, which is why we – the youth liberty movement – are against them as well.)

      • Common sense

        Oh god.. another “new” group…

      • samuel

        Not being able to have health insurance because of preexisting conditions makes you poor does it not?

    • Samuel

      So the pull back from Iraq does not count? Am I missing something here? My wife can’t volunteer for deployment because they don’t need as many troops.

      • http://adams4nchouse.com/ Jeremy D. Adams

        The pull back that George Bush signed with Iraq the Obama tried to have repealed and stay longer but the Iraqis told him no?

  • Common sense

    I agree 100%.. It seems the racists nutbags and racism in general has increased significantly. The reps hate him so much that they’re no longer afraid to talk their ish in public..