The Perfect Scam: How Walmart Is Screwing Employees Out of All of Their Benefits

walmart-greeterI wrote an article a while back detailing how evil Walmart really is as a company.  I have a source who works for them who often details the disgusting business practices of this company and how it treats its employees.

Well, it’s getting even worse.

My source actually works for Sam’s Club (which is owned by Walmart) in a different city than where I live. But they’ve assured me that if each club isn’t experiencing this yet, they soon will.  I have also seen and verified all documentation backing up my source’s claims, and have verified with certainty that they are true.

See, what Walmart has done is set the bar for which part-time associates (employees are called associates at Walmart) can receive benefits at an average of 24 hours per week.  At this threshold an employee is given the most minimal options for health coverage, about 8-12 hours of personal days and maybe 12 or so hours of vacation per year.  It really all depends on how long you’ve worked for the company.

In general, the more hours you average, the better benefits packages you qualify for and the more personal/vacation time you get.

However, recently an email was sent out from corporate to all clubs with instructions not to allow part-time associates to go over 24 hours.  They’re essentially treating going over 24 hours just like they do overtime pay.  Meaning if you go over, someone’s getting written up.

What this does is ensure part-time associates are prevented from hitting that magic 24 hour average which would qualify them for minimum benefits.

Oh, but it gets better.

They’re not scheduling associates for two or three 8 hour shifts — oh no, they’re scheduling them four or five 4 hour shifts.  They’re still working associates the equivalent of a 5 day workweek, just drastically reducing their hours.  So they’re making it very difficult for these associates to even get a second job.

In fact, at this Sam’s, they do schedules 3 weeks at a time and they just pulled the already made schedules for the next 2 weeks, completely redoing them to make the required cuts.

Then if you want to get the max 23.99 hours per week, you’ll need open availability—otherwise you might end up being scheduled zero hours, which has already happened to a few associates at my source’s club. Yes, you’ve read that right, there are people who “work” for Walmart that are now getting scheduled absolutely no hours simply because their new scheduling system is set around open availability and punishes those who might have a limited schedule.

So what Walmart is wanting is for their part-time employees to have wide-open availability, yet work less than 24 hours per week.

And if you happen to be scheduled, say, 22 or 23 hours and want to pick up more—nope, you won’t be allowed.

Then don’t even think about full-time.  About 15% of the associates at this club are full-time and it’s nearly impossible to get one of those spots.  And no, they don’t create more for hard work.

In fact, hard work doesn’t even matter.  My source said after one of their supervisors bent over backwards to get their numbers up and fix a lot of problems they were experiencing on the front end of the club, their hard work and dedication was rewarded with—a 20% reduction in their hours after this email was sent out.

Even better, recently when a 3 year associate turned his 2 weeks notice in after having their hours cut from 36 per week to 18—he was told to not even bother coming in for the next 2 weeks of his shifts.  They just cut them completely.

And this was a recent “Associate of the Month.”  Which just goes to show you how little Walmart actually values people.

The greed of Walmart is reprehensible.  And while I know other corporations treat their employees similarly, many of them don’t have the enormous wealth of Walmart.

Now I know there will be some who say they just love working for Walmart and most of this is untrue, and that’s fine.  I’ve known my source for over a decade and verified all of the information myself.  And yes, for a very select few they might see Walmart as “great place to work.”  But I promise you, for 90% of Walmart associates, their experience working for the company is terrible.

What they’ve essentially done is set up the perfect scam.  They’re attempting to hold employees to such low economic levels, the only place they’ll be able to shop at is—Walmart.  And much of the shopping they’ll be doing at Walmart will be with funds the government has provided to them, because of how poor they’ve become by working at Walmart.

Walmart is the poster child for the greedy, morally bankrupt corporation, and their recent actions prove that they’re proud of that fact.

About Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has a degree in Political Science. He is a co-founder of Forward Progressives, and author of the popular Right Off A Cliff column. He is also the founder of the Right Off A Cliff facebook page, on which he routinely voices his opinions and stirs the pot for the Progressive movement. Follow Allen on Twitter as well, @Allen_Clifton.

  • dannyanaheim

    I am a former Walmart employee who last worked there 05/2014. I worked in indoor gardening dept. I worked at the branch in Murrieta ca.

    Walmart often does not hire enough paid workers to water the plants. They will take the dying plants and put them in the trash compactor/smasher. They do this all the time.

    I refused to do it so, they would just get someone else. This is a true story.

    If anyone sees this message, please forward it to the general news population. These are my personal observations ,and are not meant to defame anyone..

  • Terri

    Ive worked for Walmart since 1999 and am a full time associate. Everything that you are talking about here in article is very true. I have been cut down to 24 hours. I have 3 days Tue, Wed and Thurs blocked so they can’t schedule me. They told me if I don’t lift the block days I will get cut to 24 hours. I refuse to work 5 days as there is no help on the job I do for we work with a skeleton crew. Its exhausting enough to work 32 hours I can’t imagine working 40 hours I wouldn’t be able to get off the couch on my 2 days off! I feel it is time to start looking around for another job, as I can’t make it on 24 hours.

    • Terri

      Also I wanted to say, forget about breaks the two breaks you get! There is so much work on the skeleton crew that if you take a break you will go over on your hours for the day because in the Bakery you cannot leave till all the bread is packaged and put out for the day. My dept mgr will not help she barks from the bakery desk its almost time to go home, I tell her well come help me and she gets up and walks out the room. If you go over on your hours for the day you have to cut those hours before Friday because there is no overtime aloud. She schedules us all over the week so there is no way you can get a second job to help the payroll and if you tell her you have another job she doesn’t care, she will tell you “you either work the hours I have available or quit”. It’s a no win situation. Working for WalMart you can’t plan your life because you will have a 3 week schedule out and you will look and they will change your schedule and not even tell you your schedule is changed. Mr. Sam is rolling in the grave right now, for his wonderful company is not what he left it back in the day when it was fun to be an associate when he was alive.
      I have so many stories to tell that the news reporter would love to get a hold of.

  • Terrie Black

    that is why our state (michigan) raised our state minimum wage as of sept 1,2014 it went from 7.40 to 7.90 sept 2014 to jan 1 2015 jan 1 2015 goes to 8.25 keeps climbing until our state minimum wage is 9.25 a hour in 2016 so there is nothing walmart can do, we are a right to work state, but walmart has to pay minimum wage, they wont like the wage increases they have to pay thier associates but they will have to get over it

  • Manic Poet

    I’m a supervisor for walmart and I can vouch for this, I thought the company was awesome until I took a step higher, and see how it’s ran, the bullying of higher management to lower management on down, but unless the company changes its business model it’ll be out the door as well

  • heather Edginton

    I went off on Family leave act for my mom when she found out she had terminal cancer a week later I found out I had cancer as well I took more time off for my surgery and then she wasn’t given long so I took time off to take care of her in her final days and when she passed I was still off. I was a full time associate and worked for the company 11 years, and after all was said and done they offered me part time and I would lose my benefits for being off. it just seems really screwed up I played by their rules and went through all I did and I still got screwed over now I am not sure what to do, it seems I should be able to fight them on this but here I am still grieving and healing and having to deal with them treating me this way. Things happen you think they would understand that it was all out of my control and I was the only one who could take care of her and I had cancer as well.