The Simple Reality: Conservatives Are Destroying Christianity

jesusphilosophyConservatives like to champion themselves as the party for “Christian values.”  If by “Christian values” they mean a bunch of people who base being a “Christian” on church attendance, how many copies of the Bible they own and how often they judge others.  That’s essentially the extent of the “Christian values” I see from these people.

But it’s like I’ve said before, I’ve never met someone who’s abandoned their faith because of liberals or liberal beliefs.  Though I have met quite a few people who’ve been turned away from Christianity because of the ignorance of those “conservative Christians” who seem determined to force everyone to follow their specific brand of ignorance.

I don’t get why these people think that by trying to force everyone to adhere to their brand of “Christianity” (which isn’t Christianity at all), somehow this will “bring people into the fold.”

The reality is that conservative “Christians” are actually driving people away from Christianity in droves and seemingly doing their best to destroy the faith altogether.

See, while they claim liberals are out to destroy Christian values, they are the ones who are actually doing that.  By justifying their ignorance towards society in general by claiming “it’s in the Bible,” they’ve turned a faith that’s based on a man who stood for acceptance, love and hope into one of judgement, hate and fear.

By the way, saying “it’s in the Bible” when you don’t follow every word that’s in the Bible simply makes you a hypocrite.  I love when I meet someone who “doesn’t approve of them gays” while they’re wearing blended fabrics, tatted up with few tattoos and enjoy eating shellfish – all a big “no-no” in the Bible.

Oh, and if you want to say our laws should be based on the Bible, who’s the first one who wants to stand up and advocate for stoning women who commit adultery?  Anyone?

But when it comes to conservatives and religion, it’s an endless cycle of hypocrisy and ignorance.  They claim to be advocates for “Christian values,” yet they’re driving people away from Christianity in record numbers because of their intolerance and hate.  Two values that are completely opposite of the values for which Jesus Christ stood.

So the next time a conservative says that liberals are out to destroy Christianity, tell them to go take a good long look in the mirror.  Because while they claim liberals are destroying Christianity, they’re actually the ones doing it.

About Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has a degree in Political Science. He is a co-founder of Forward Progressives, and author of the popular Right Off A Cliff column. He is also the founder of the Right Off A Cliff facebook page, on which he routinely voices his opinions and stirs the pot for the Progressive movement. Follow Allen on Twitter as well, @Allen_Clifton.

  • http://eagleviews.org/ On Eagle Wings

    Oh yeah them liberal Christians are certainly building up the kingdom of God with the teachings on tolerance and acceptance and updating them old fashioned ten commandments. We much rather follow an easy going Jesus who does not judge anyone about anything and lets us all live and let live as we see fit. Got to apologize to them money changers though that he tossed out of the temple that day. Oh and that comment about whited sepulchers and tombs filled with dead man’s bones that wasn’t too loving either. OH WHAT about all that driving out demons stuff? I mean where does Jesus get off saying anyone is possessed of the devil.
    Oh and about adultery and this whole thing with marriage and all; wasn’t it Jesus himself who said that a man shall leave his mother and cleave unto his wife and the two shall become one flesh? And he went on to say that what God has joined together let NO MAN put asunder, so much for tolerating all that adultery and divorcing going on.

    Seems to me Jesus excluded a whole lot of couplings too when he spoke about marriage. Jesus either was not aware of or dismissed any notion of a man leaving his mother and cleaving to his husband and there is no mention of a woman leaving her father to cleave to anyone let alone another woman.

    It would appear Jesus really loved the old testament too, since he did a great deal of preaching from that OLD BOOK. He is always quoting something from the book of Moses or the prophets or Psalms or even a proverb. Doesn’t he know that all that OLD STUFF was supposed to be done away with now that the COOL JESUS was on the scene?

    OH and let us not forget how much love he showed for the rich man when he told him to sell everything he had and give it to the poor. Now I ask you how many liberal ministers do you know that tells the RICH folk in their congregations to sell everything they have and give to the poor and then come back and follow me? HANDS ANYONE? How many of you rich folks are willing to give everything you have to the poor? Any takers? Or is that TOO CONSERVATIVE for you? What would a liberal Jesus say? Oh I know go gather from your neighbor and then give what you gathered to the folks I say are poor but while you are at it take some for yourself as a service fee.

    The writer of this post seems to think that EVERYONE LOVED JESUS because JESUS was such a fun loving and easy going swell guy to hang around, have they forgotten that the people CRUCIFIED him because they did not like what he was teaching? YEAH THEY did not like what JESUS was teaching, they wanted to stone him and they did have him put to death because of all the love he was putting down.

    What turned the people against JESUS then as it does now is the same. His presence convicted them of their own shortcomings and their own sin. The SELF RIGHTEOUS tenure of the writer of this post sounds very much like the self-righteous religious folks back in the day. Of course the write of this post seems to think the speck in his brothers eye is bigger than the huge log he got in his own, but hey what can you expect from a loving liberal like Allen Clifton. It is just too bad that we share the same first name, we certainly do not share the same Jesus.

    Just remember Jesus was the one who said: there will be many who will enter in at the broad gate because wide is the gate that leads to destruction, but straight and narrow is the gate that leads to eternal life and FEW will find that way. SO many are not willing to walk the straight and narrow that does not surprise me because that too is IN THE BIBLE. I would be careful if I were you if you are looking for a huge crowd though. WHEN JESUS DIED BECAUSE HE LOVED US SO MUCH there were no HUGE CROWDS there to support him. In fact most of his disciples left him once he started to preach about them having to TAKE UP A CROSS to follow him. THE HUGE CROWDS were gathered not to take up THEIR OWN CROSS but to cry out for JESUS to be put on one!

    • adcbeast

      Eagle DOOOSH .. What you quoted was NEVER said by Jesus …

      since nothing in the bible was written or said by Jesus …

  • Becky

    I am learning a lot these days by just listening more. I have seriously been praying and asking God for direction and I feel that conservatism is not what Jesus had in mind at all. I believe what the Bible says and I try to follow Jesus teaching the best I can. I must look at myself first and remove the beam from my own eye. We need to pray more and stop looking to politics and Men to save our country. I like blogs like this because as Christians we should never stop learning and listening. We need to stop judging non believers and show them more grace. After all that is how I came to believe. Jesus showed be love and grace.

  • adcbeast

    PEOPLE …. there is nothing in the bible written or said by Jesus …. there are no known writings by Jesus

    The bible was written by bad religious philosophers 2000 years ago … the evidence in the the bible is full of the social prejudices they had at the time the books of the bible were written …

    It is impossible to know if Jesus said anything attributed to Jesus .. we just don’t have the evidence to support it

  • Diomasach

    Jesus said – Heal the sick and feed the hungry.
    That means YOU heal the sick and YOU feed the hungry.
    Not what Democrats do, which is use the power of government to stick a gun in the face of thier neighbors and take thier money to hire other people to do it for you. That’s not compassion, that’s not charity. That’s force.