A Republican Tells Me Why She Hates President Obama, And All I Can Do Is Shake My Head

tea-party-racism-bigotryBeing that I’m in Texas, most of the people I encounter are Republicans. And believe me when I say that telling a conservative that I’m a progressive is probably less popular than if I had just told them I was a drug kingpin who primarily focuses on selling crystal meth.

So, needless to say, I try to avoid discussing politics much of the time.

However, there are times where I get baited into doing it, which is what happened last night. A buddy of mine had invited me and a couple of other friends into a group chat to discuss a few things. Well, after a little back and forth amongst the group one of his friends started chatting with me directly, eventually asking me the dreaded question, “What do you do?” Well, I proceeded to give my usual answers, prompting her to simply ask, “So, are you for or against Obama?” At that time I informed her that I try to avoid political discussions because often people are filled with misinformation and if I try to correct anything that they want to believe, they usually just get very upset.

But I did ask her if she was for or against the president. She saw my question as a bit hypocritical since I didn’t answer hers, to which I responded by telling her that it’s just my morbid curiosity to know what “side” some people are on and what information they’ve used to come to that conclusion.

“I hate President Obama. Completely against him,” she said.

This prompted me to simply ask, “Why?”

Upon reading her answer, I instantly regretted my decision to venture into this discussion.

Here was her answer:

I think Obama is a lazy horrible excuse for a president. He’s playing golf while our citizens are being killed..he holds a press conference for some thug who got shot Bc he assaulted a police officer, yet I don’t see any press conference about Christians being slaughtered, or Jews being killed for anti-Semitic reasons. He’s a schmuck and the ONLY reason that he was elected the first time was bc he’s black, and either black people voted for him or white people didn’t wanna seem racist. And the reason he’s still president is bc of voter fraud. I’d LOVE to see them require id’s for votes, bc I guarantee he wouldn’t still be around.

Sadly, this is what I deal with practically on a daily basis. It’s no wonder these people hate President Obama; look at the utter and total bullsh*t (excuse my language) that they believe. Here this person was, basing her entire opinion on the president completely off of nothing but pure right-wing propaganda. And the thing is, outside of him being a golfer and making comments about the Mike Brown shooting (mostly in response to the protests that had broken out following the incident), nothing she said was true.

Did she just make all of this up? No. This is the kind of crap that the right-wing media pushes every single day. “Information” that’s literally just pulled out of thin air.

Take her comments about voter fraud, which are completely baseless. Between 2000 and 2010, out of 649 million votes, there were thirteen cases of legitimate voter fraud found. That’s barely one per year. Yet this individual would swear right to your face that the only reason President Obama was re-elected was because of rampant voter fraud.

Then there’s the issue with him not holding a press conference about the killing of Christians and Jews by ISIS. Then, tell me, what are all these press conferences he’s held concerning ISIS for the past year? And she’s clearly not aware that ISIS isn’t just targeting non-Muslims, they’re slaughtering other Muslims every single day as well. Then again, you rarely see Fox News talk about that so it’s not surprising that she knows nothing about it.

Needless to say, I proceeded to embarrass her by pointing out several facts that debunked her nonsense – which prompted her to tell me I was an idiot and instantly block me. I really shouldn’t have even bothered. With someone who is that far gone, I would probably have had more luck trying to reason with a brick wall.

But it does go to show you just how blatantly inaccurate the information is that the right-wing media pushes all the time. Because while her answer was slightly more ridiculous than most of the ones I get, it still wasn’t that far off from the average response I get from the typical conservative when the president’s name is brought up.

And the truth is, I’m fine with people not agreeing with President Obama. All I ask is that their opposition to him be based on facts rather than fiction – which, sadly, is usually not the case. That fact was perfectly demonstrated by this woman’s absolutely ridiculous reasoning why she dislikes our president.

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Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on both Twitter and Facebook. Have feedback, inquiries, criticism or hate mail? You can email him as well.


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  • Patrick Schley

    I live in Wisconsin. I understand the continual bashing, misinformation and hatred having President Obama in office and what it has means for this Republican state. Remember, I have Walker as a Governor. Even as he continually screws over our working class, Wisconsin likes him. Collage rates are expected to double with the cuts he is proposing. He dismantled most of the union works with more is his sites. No environmental policy in site. The list goes on.

    I don’t agree on everything our President does. However, he was elected two times.

    Republicans know, with voter ID, a lot of elderly and low income will not vote. Perfect!

    With this President, our stock market has never been better. Maybe thats just the cycle. I’m willing to admit that.

    I don’t think Obamacare is perfect by any means. I believe the answer is to repair it. Not have vote after vote after vote trying to appeal it. I’m happy that my children can be covered by my plan until they are 26 and I’m covered because of a pre existing condition.

    I too get sick of the network news grabbing one comment and relentlessly slamming it down our throat until it becomes a huge issue. Misinformation compounds just like the entertainment coming off Fox news. When the gas prices came down, did the president get the blame for that? Fox let him have it when they came up.

    Regarding ISIS, I don’t know how we can get this done without troops on the ground even though I hate that idea. United States can’t be the only one in this fight. I feel the meetings being held are a move in the right direction in getting other counties to participate.

    My final tough and 2 cents worth. As bad a Bush was, I never saw the D party talk to him the way the Obama is address so often directly from the R party. I feel we send a terrible message to our children and our Allies. And how can we ever get anything done! Just my 2 cents. Sorry if I misspelled anything, I do that sometimes.

    • Jennifer King

      Yeah Wisconsin has taken a beating as far as governors go.

      • Patrick Schley

        He is now talking about selling the school districts to get them off the tax bills and make the taxpayer happy. Then he wants to sell them to any business/corporations that can purchase them. The schools that were built with taxpayer money would then become private. If you want your child to go there, it would be private and you would now pay the owner of the school directly. I think this is a bad idea! I’m glad my kids are out of school. Now I worry about his plans for the UW system.

        Last week, he started “the right to work” Bill, busting more union shops. So if you decide you don’t want to belong to the union where you work, you don’t have to pay the dues. However, union people who still work to get fair wages and benefits think this is wrong. I do too. If the union votes in a good contract, the people who decide they don’t want to be part of the union will get the contract benefits too. It won’t be long before the union workers get frustrated and the union ends. No more negotiations for reasonable benefits and wages will crash across the state. I sure don’t see what people see in him.

      • Jennifer King

        My husband is a union electrician for IBEW 292. We are not fans of your governor or the Right To Work bill. Nor were we surprised when Paul Ryan lost Wisconsin when he was running mate for Mitch Romney.

      • David Gates

        These benefits u talk about are the same ones that private sector only dream about.When it comes to paying these benefits, its taken from the hard working taxpayer who doesnt get those kind of benefits. People are tired of these unions raping the taxpayer, putting states themselves at risk because of the costs. Wisconsin voters wised up and threw the smack down on the unions and now have a balanced budget. Now, everybody is better off. The unions dont even care if their requests are harming a state, as long as they get theirs. People should have a choice wether they want to pay into one. In the end, its all about the money for the unions.

      • corppigwatcher

        Then those choosing to not belong to the Union should not reap the benefits of a Union contract, nor be represented by the Union in discipline case. NO UNION< NO PROTECTION! Simple!

      • Patrick Schley

        I have been on both side of the union. I have been in one and have been out. I agree in part with the supplied benefits from the taxpayers. I worked at the school district, the unions, teachers and support staff were very different. I was considered support staff, non-union. Teachers had a good deal that they would get there health insurance paid for x amount of years after retirement age 55, work out when they would get spring and Christmas vacation, etc…Support staff couldn’t get that. Some things would TICK me off. But on the same token, it was negotiated for. Even though I was not in the union, I would get whatever was settled with support staff. I had a good retirement. All a good deal. This was a job I applied for, just as ANY OTHER taxpayer could have done and I was fortunate enough to be qualified. But when it was time to budget cut and my job was eliminated after being there over 10 years, all I could think about was I had no one to help me with this fight. If I had a disagreement with Management above me, I had no recourse but to sit and take it. The staff that worked for me had resources. To me, it was not always about the money, It’s the working environment. Walker took more away then the cash. With retirement, I feel it’s an oh well situation. It was good while it was there but now its gone. I have been away from the district now for 9 years and worked at a resort when there were no benefits at all. No Vacation, sick time, I worked holidays because they were considered as none. I had no 401K. When walker took the retirement away, I thought, they will need to do what I do and save. From what I understand, there has not been any raises at the district now for 3 years. That’s sad. I know what my staff made. With the changes in health insurance and retirement, they sure are not getting rich! I feel that closing the loop on retirement was OK but they should have been able to keep their unions and negotiate for wages.

        Regarding wages,and the “right to work” act, no one should kid themselves. If not for unions your wages would not be what they are. My wife is a nurse. Her hospital is not union. However, her hospital does consult with other hospitals union and nonunion to decide what wage they will pay the nursing staff. Without unions, I would expect her wages to go down. If other hospitals start losing unions and if they take away benefits, I will expect this to follow suite.

        While listening to the news they had a business owner who said he thought Walkers plan was poor at best. He said that he always negotiated in good faith with the union at his company and it would have been fine if things would have stayed as status quo. He said this is poor for Wisconsin because large business don’t want to deal with the headaches of who’s in (the union) and who’s out. Business will not want to come to Wisconsin. He also said many company already have it set up as not a “union shop” so nothing is gained. To me, as people drop out of the union and more and more do so, the union will die. The union dies, wages go down because no one is there to work for a decent wage. Wages go down, people become indigent and spend less. I lost my job, I know what thats about. Poor for Wisconsin. Less jobs, poorer wages, poor for Wisconsin.

        Right-to-work legislation in other states has had the effect of reducing worker wages, health insurance benefits and retirement benefits. Since few small businesses have a unioni, changing union laws won’t affect them. Big manufacturers can choose which state to expand into, most small businesses are rooted in a local community and dependent on us, local consumers. When right-to-work laws lower the wages and benefits of area workers, they also threaten to reduce the number of jobs in the economy by reducing consumer demand. Bad for Wisconsin.

      • noah vail

        if you think that a right to work state is a good thing just look at Arizona where we have some of the lowest wages in the country and in education we are dead last in teacher pay, highest in class size, and pretty close to the bottom in graduation rates…in fact we are making Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, etc…look good in comparison….thank you republican legislature, you’ve finally taken us to the bottom of the barrel

      • Patrick Schley

        I don not think this a good thing at all or do I support it!. I think it was bad for Wisconsin. The good thing is Walker is out of the race! But we still have the Donald….. sigh…..

      • Cathryn Sykes

        Wow, you are really buying the whole pack of lies. Union benefits are paid by the companies who employ the union workers. If you want to be accurate, their benefits are taken from the obscene levels of pay and compensation of the top brass and the equally obscene levels of pay and bonuses from the Wall Street whiz kids.

      • Bob Reilley

        David is speaking about public unions not private but non the less he is grossly misinformed.

      • Jason

        Cathryn Sykes, the “wall street whiz kids” are not paying for unions in wwisconsin. That is the kind of idiotic drivel that liberals always spew forth.
        With zero proof to back it up.
        Unions had a time and a place in our nations history. That time is over. Unions (Esp. Public) and there crippling pensions that must be paid are robbing the taxpayer. When these pensions can’t be paid, the unions, with the help of Stinking Democrats) all run to the taxpayers to bail them out— It’s sickening

      • ClemCadidlhoper

        Jason, just what was the original purpose of unions? Why is it that suddenly the Union is a bad thing?

      • Justin Bogenschutz

        okay but if theses businesses didn’t have to take from their profit margin to pay thse “crippling wages”, then these pension recipients would just help from the state and federal like welfare, medicaid and social security payouts would double meaning the working class would have to pay out more in taxes.

      • UltraL

        Yes, unions should shut up and take whatever the benevolent owners, and misinformed taxpayers, deem them worthy – obviously, they will always be concerned with living wages, safe working conditions, benefits – those union members, especially public workers, are not really people anyway, and deserve crappy pay, etc.

      • noah vail

        you obviously have no clue as to why there is even a union movement in this country…you need to read some history of how “management” treated workers back in the “good old days”…if the unions fail now the whole mess will have to be fought all over again in the future…all i can figure is that you’re either a wall street shill or a total asshole…

      • NotYou

        Whiz kids pay for it because their job is literally just to be shareholders in companies to make money… So by definition they would end up paying for it too. Jeeze Republicans are so dumb.

      • NotYou

        The government always has and will continue to create the policies that dictates how money can move within (and out) of our economy. (ex: We tax foreign imports to try and keep money in our economy. We allocate money to public services like hospitals, roads, infrastructure, etc. We pass clean energy bills to avoid destroying our planet. We Tax cigarettes to deter people from using them and developing lung cancer. WE STOP THE PRIVATIZATION OF HEALTH CARE TO KEEP PEOPLE SAFE AND OUT OF CRIPPLING DEBT THAT IS THE RESULT OF GREED FROM THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY AND THAT IS UNPRECEDENTED IN THE MOST DEVELOPED NATIONS. You get the picture? The government has always been in control, however, it has always acted with regard to the CONSTITUTION and boy oh boy some of you really need to re-read the preamble.

      • Bob Reilley

        David Gates you are grossly misinformed. Union busting isn’t about saving the tax payers anything. Its about political contributions and only political contributions. Look at all the right to work states and you will see an overwhelming trend. The police and firefighter Union are exempt from these laws. Do you know why they are exempt? Here’s a hint, they predominantly vote and contribute to the republican party. What unions do most municipalities have a hard time paying pensions for, Police and firefighters, so there goes your saving the tax payers argument right out the window. You only know the rhetoric you’ve been told, trying thinking for yourself once in a while.

      • DublinJohn

        Davd Gates. You “loaded” your rant with nothing but baseless innuendo. How are unions “raping” tax payers? Private sector union workers? Government unions? Please elaborate? I worked in the IT sector and can tell you have no clue what my counter part gets paid by the Federal or State. Jobs aren’t going away just because a few select industries have gone over seas. Jobs are leaving because shareholders reward their executives for cutting costs. You – not union employees – represent the vast majority of American jobs. And guess what… your owners would gladly cut your benefits, your wages or simply just replace your job with someone from another country. Don’t believe me? Try getting a job at McDonalds in the Phillipines and not have a college degree. Or ask for minimum living wages.

      • angie497

        Um, those benefits aren’t ‘taken from the hard working taxpayer.’ And here’s a thought – if you think it’s not fair that someone else’s job offers something that your’s doesn’t, why not fight to improve yours instead of taking away theirs?

        Christ on a cracker, what is it that people don’t understand about ‘race to the bottom’?

      • John Sullivan

        How are the people in Wisconsin better off without unions and with a balanced budget?

      • UltraL

        Baloney. Balanced budget? Really? Because of anti-union legislation? Wow, the rwnj media really is good at staying on message. Yet another example showing how the above story is sadly the truth.

    • Kim Essiambre

      Some people are just completely clueless!

    • DianneP

      I thought the same about boots on the ground. At that point I read the overall strategy and more about muslim differences. I decided to trust the approach… Obama knows what he is doing which is why he said it will take time.
      Your governor sounds like bad news…

      • strayaway

        Obama doesn’t know what he is doing unless it is something so loathsome we don’t want to consider it. Obama/Hillary foreign policy turned Libya from being a relatively prosperous Arab country into something approaching another Somalia. Obama/Hillary foreign policy has similarly undermined Assad, our best ally against ISIS, and allowed ISIS to fill in the vacuum. Every night on the news we see the thousands of refugees that Obama/Hillary foreign policy has created. Those refugees include deserters from the Iraq and Syrian army. When those armies collapse, it is quite possible that the US will be simultaneously harboring and supporting Syrian and Iraqi deserters (“refugees”) while sending our own young people in their place to fight ISIS.

      • noah vail

        you need to lay off of fux news for a while

      • strayaway

        Cute except Fox probably approved of the attack on Libya and the attempted overthrow of Assad as did many establishment Republicans. I’ll give you a D+ for trying. What would be more fun though is for you to try to defend the Obama/Hilary policies that have brought us Libya, Syria, refugees, death, etc…

      • noah vail

        OMG…how desperate can you get in your hunt for the superlative hatred…now you blame Obama for death…i think you can thank your god for that, you moron

      • strayaway

        Note that I included Republicans who supported Obama’s asinine foreign policy in Libya and Afghanistan as being co-partners in supporting policies that led to death, destruction, and refugee flows. But please, I’m not going to thank Obama and the rest for stupidity leading to mayhem. That’s your role.

    • stairman

      walker was elected three times,,,does that make him more relavant to the state then Obama to the nation?
      The elderly and low income people don’t have ID?so how do they get ss and food stamps?

  • mre2000

    If a Republican had done what Obama has done, major healthcare changes, stock markets at all time highs, ending the Iraq war, killed Osama bin Laden, helped topple Gaddafi, had unemployment rates under 6%, they would be chiseling his face into Mt. Rushmore and anointing him for sainthood.

    Instead this one is the worst ever and hates America.

    • Scott Pierce

      Had a republican done all that BO has done, he would have been impeached and prosecuted; by conservatives for violating his oath (and treason) and by dems for the (R) behind the name.

      • Cathryn Sykes

        No, he would have been the darling of the GOP leadership and the corporations who own the GOP.

      • Bob Reilley

        I am curious as to which so called impeachable violations President Obama has made. Please be specific. Here’s a hint, if they were impeachable violations he wouldn’t still be in office. Don’t repeat everything you hear on fox news.

      • strayaway

        According to former Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich, Obama’s impeachable violations include: 1. Bombing Libya with by executive whim. 2. Violating the War Powers Act. Kucinich was consequently run out of Congress. (Watch out, Bernie.)

        In addition, violating his oath of office with respect to picking and choosing which laws to observe and changing others. Of course. Republicans like McCain support much of this so there will be no impeachment.

      • John Prokop

        strayaway: you mean the bombing when the U.S. joined a multi-national coalition in order to implement “United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973” ??? That bombing? The one where the day before the bombing started he contacted “key members of Congress … asking them either to attend a meeting at the White House or participate via phone.” because they were all out of town on another of their frequent “breaks” instead of being in D.C. where, you know, their JOBS are?

      • strayaway

        No, I mean Congress must authorize wars according to the Constitution but never did in the case of Libya. It could have. Participating in bombing capitols and overthrowing governments are acts of war. The US was under no obligation to obey UN resolutions. Most countries did not. The resolution never called for the overthrow of Khaddafi or bombing Tripoli anyway. Could you explain the part about contacting “”key members of Congress … asking them either to attend a meeting at the White House or participate via phone”? Where is that in the Constitution or is that something for autocrats to decide? Which members, in your opinion based on definitions found in the Constitution are “key” members who can decide things for all of Congress? There was no emergency. I missed that in civics class. Dennis Kucinich said Obama’s executive action as well as his subsequent ignoring of the War Powers Act were grounds for impeachment.

      • Nancy Mizur

        Stray, please stop quoting Dennis Kucinich. He’s a has-been wannabe. He tried but didn’t make it. He had his 15 minutes of fame. He’s done.

      • strayaway

        An interesting thing happened to Dennis Kucinich. After he made such remarks, his congressional district in Cleveland was eliminated and part of it was combined with Marcy Kaptur’s (D) district in Toledo. Kaptur and Kucinich were two of the most anti-Federal Reserve members of the House. Whichever lost, the Federal Reserve won. Kucinich lost and Kaptur has gone silent on her criticism of the Fed. It was a double win for the banksters and apparently for you. Congrads!

      • Michael Rappaport

        But bombing Libya by executive whim and ignoring the War Powers Act was all right with you people in 1986 when Reagan did both — AND sold arms to Iran. What a guy!

      • strayaway

        “You people”? Wasn’t that the term Ross Perot got in trouble for using at an NAACP convention? You are being presumptuous and trying to obfuscate. If Reagan did something stupid and wrong, how does that justify Obama? This is now, not 35 years ago and Obama’s stupid and unconstitutional policies in Libya have resulted in racial killings, Benghazi, the Islamist takeover of northern Mali, the Islamist taking of hundreds of US surface to air missiles, large parts of Libya being controlled by Islamist forces, and the present pipeline of refugees to Italy.

      • Mark Schmidt

        He refers to republicams…the party of ignorance that hates OUR country. every one of you TRASH should be deported.

      • strayaway

        Proper nouns are preferable to pronouns. Does “he” refer to Perot in my previous post? If so, “you people” was directed at those attending the NAACP convention, not Republicans. Thank you for your demonstration of liberal hatred and intolerance toward those who don’t agree with you.

      • Igmar Gobitz

        This was a NATO operation not a USA attack.

      • strayaway

        The NATO charter only allows NATO counties to attack third party countries if a NATO country is attacked. Our Constitution only authorizes Congress to declare wars. Which NATO county had Libya attacked? Answer: none. Presidents are not constitutionally empowered to bomb other nations with executive orders.

      • Igmar Gobitz

        Google it. Don’t make me do your homework. I get tired of carrying stupid people.

      • strayaway

        Google is where I discovered that information about the NATO Charter. It seems like you haven’t done your homework. Even if NATO didn’t follow its charter and the Constitution was overridden, bombing Libya was a disaster that hurt the US and Europe more than it benefitted us. Libya was/is a major disqualifier for Hillary.

      • Igmar Gobitz

        Don’t be a hater dick head. The truth is out there if you get off your ass and seek a CREDITABLE source. Fox dosen’t count you lazy teabaggin puke.

      • strayaway

        Whew, the stench. Your vocabulary, name calling, and inability to do your work suggests your upbringing. However, since you probably need to be provided for and can’t fathom anything more original (and wrong) than imagining that I listened to Fox News which supported Obama’s war on Libya, I offer the following from the NATO Charter:

        “Article 5

        The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all and consequently they agree that, if such an armed attack occurs, each of them, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defence recognised by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, will assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other Parties, such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area.”

        So which NATO country suffered “an armed attack” by Libya to justify this “NATO operation” against Libya?

      • Igmar Gobitz

        the NATO members need the cancer to be contained and theY made a stand there. So eat me ill-advised and unrepentant. You should bow before my superior intellect..

      • strayaway

        What cancer? Hillary’s policy, adopted by Obama, wrecked one of the more prosperous Arab states and was contrary to NATO’s rules of engagement.

      • Igmar Gobitz

        None dick head. It was part of the retarded cowboy’s war doctrine. Duh.

      • strayaway

        Thanks for verifying your crass shallowness. Libya happened under Obama’s watch, not Bush’s.

      • Billy Kidd


      • stairman

        so billy where do you get your news?

      • oldmarine

        i really love it when you left wing mental midgets can’t handle criticism of obama. i remember some of you calling to have gw murdered. his right wing war did get 5000 american soldiers killed. funny how you forget your own huge f**k ups. that little one in southeast asia that got over 50,000 of my military brothers killed. you seem to think if their democrats that they give a crap about you. that is the epitome of stupid, but you can’t wrap your head around that. you also cant understand that a lie is a lie, no matter who’s telling it. but it’s okay if i gets you what you want, right. if you, and your buddies think you’re the mainstream, step back and look real hard, because thats the sewer, and it’s usually headed for the drain. just keep your head up so we recognize whats floating and paddle away from it.

      • Bill Lundy

        I stopped counting how many words were in the post, but I still haven’t figured out the point.

      • Eve Dropka

        He Broke the law.. Going over Congesess heads..WRONG…Allowing SO many Illegals in to get Free SS and Free phones AND then be able to get OUR SS benifits WITHOUT working for them…

        has purposefully lied about the Benghazi atrocity, instructed others to
        lie, and intimidated whistleblowers who were guilty of nothing but a
        desire for justice and the truth.

        He has treated our foreign friends like enemies and rewarded our enemies as if they were our friends.

        has divided the country like in no time in history since the Civil War.
        He has pitted men against women, gay people against straight people, and
        used unAmerican, Marxist class warfare that has no place in a free

        He has exploded the already gargantuan national debt, increasing it by approximately 60% during his first term

        specific.enough??? He has not been impeached bacuse he has BIG $$ behind him..aka..Terrorists!!$$$

      • Justin Bogenschutz

        So basically half the stuff Bush Jr. did during his 8 year run, right? Btw, you spelling, syntax , and name calling makes it seem like you are only 12 years old. After you graduate from Middle School and High School, please take a civics class at the community college so you can keep up and talk with the adults.

      • And don’t forget he has won not one but two Nobel Peace Prize’s. Worst Commie evah!

      • stairman

        won!!! lololl roflmao

      • Um.. yes. won. How many have you won. My guess is none, Twit. Go sit down.

      • Eve Dropka

        He didn’t Win anything! ! It was Honorary.

      • Igmar Gobitz

        Hey Dropka? A village is short one idiot and you are qualified. STFU commie.

      • Eve Dropka

        This is still a Free country..least till the Isis loving Islamic “so called ” President gets done with us!! Truth hurts. Eh?

      • Igmar Gobitz

        The truth as a uneducated village idiot see’s it.

      • Igmar Gobitz

        You know what hurts? Your vag when Hillary is President. HA…BOOM. SUCK IT FAG BOY!

      • Eve Dropka

        BOY?LOL try again muffin

      • You don’t win an honorary Peace Prize dummy. Holy cow. What a Maroon!

      • Eve Dropka

        Well IT did NOT win Jack!!!

      • He’s won not one but two. Google it dummy.

      • UltraL

        Total bunch of rwnj BS. “He has pitted…” Exactly how would you describe he did any of that, just for an example the repetition of meaningless talking points. Because he’s not white, experienced being not white in America, and has the audacity to speak about it aloud? Ha ha, allowed illegals to get SS and free phones – why do you make this stuff up as if President Obama invented those programs that you hate, or that he personally handed out these phones? Purposely lied about Benghazi? Have you seen the results of dozens and dozens of Republican led studies about that subject – which despite all efforts, show just the opposite of your groundless statement? Every one of your list is twisted bull – the exact point of the story. Propagandized, low-information people.

      • Nancy Mizur

        Wow…. I’ve never seen such a mish mosh of misinformation thrown together in one place!!!! It would be laughable if it were not so sad. Turn off your tv and read a book, woman! Educate yourself. Think!!!!!

      • Bill Lundy

        These are my favorite right wing posts: all conclusions and not a single fact among them. Nice try, too bad it’s all a bunch of propaganda bullshit.

      • Joshua Robirds

        he would have been impeached by republicans if he was a conservative … because he didn’t follow their agenda to privatize everything.

        conservative are selfish assholes at every economic level;
        xenophobic, racist, bigots, lead around by the nose by multinational corporations and the military industrial complex.

        they make their loyalties no secret, and openly represent the interests that have paid for their corruption.


      • Eve Dropka

        You Must be speaking of Obamutt! !
        He is the Traitor! !! Not to mention anti American! !

      • exit 7

        So where’s your republican leadership on this? There’s a republican majority in both houses. If there really were impeachable offenses, don’t you think think the party of Trump would have jumped on it by now?

    • Follow @offensivedialog

      A black man in the more hate oriented countries has to do four times the work for half the credit. It’s the way this country is. The only difference is that it’s on display for the world to look at now.

      • Eve Dropka


      • Follow @offensivedialog

        Wow. Ignorant white trash and poor spelling ability make racism laughable.

      • Anandakos

        Thayat’s whate trash, Yankeh! How’d y’all know she waren’t talkin’ about her horse?

      • Floyd Wilson

        Obama is a winner. Thanks for pointing it out

      • Billy Kidd

        Obama is like Trump would be shy to say…. a HUGE success!

      • John Bennett


      • Donald Trump could never be a WINNER…

      • Billy Kidd

        Trump is a bigoted NY businessman who has no political skills.

        President Obama is a ‘huge’ successful politician to whom Donald Trump is evidently envious!

      • You are RIGHT… BILLY THE KIDD!!

      • Billy Kidd

        I guess he fudged his way through Harvard law etc. you stupid trash! You wish you had the credentials and the academic prowess Obama has!

      • You ….Stupid, Trailer, Park Trash….

      • stairman

        winner? then why since he has become president has the senate and the house both switch to huge majorities for republicans…is that what you call winning?

      • Yes!!!! President Obama doesn’t need the help of a REPUBLICAN…. THE PARTY OF “NO”…. NO PROGRESS FROM THE REPUBLICAN, TEA PARTY..

      • Bill Lundy

        That’s easy to answer: Gerrymandering is a process by which local state officials (Republicans in the bigot states) redraw district maps in order to ENSURE Republican majorities to ENSURE they win. It’s called cheating. Republicans ONLY win when they cheat. Satisfied?

      • Tarheelboy

        Go fuk yourself you racist asshole; you and asshole Obama should both be deported. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe what a low life you are. I wish you the worst life imaginable.

      • Follow @offensivedialog

        Of course you wish me the worst life possible. By our typical white racist garbage. What else would come from a limited mind such as yours?

      • Tarheelboy

        Why don’t we set up a face to face meeting; usually sissies like you hide behind the Internet. I would love to meet a degenerate like yourself for some serious discussion.

      • Follow @offensivedialog

        I live in Georgia, so trailer trash is something I encounter daily. But meeting you, while a common event, might prove interesting. I will be at Lennox Square this evening.

      • Johnny Wright

        I would love to have a set down with you ,when and where ?

      • KROMME


      • exit 7

        That’s the most intelligent argument you have to offer? Bless your heart.

      • Patricia Merchant Wittman

        Wrote a comment to this and deleted it. There are some fools that just are to uneducated to understand facts and statistics. Have a good life in your little black tunnel of hate.

      • KROMME

        Who told this inbred that this discussion was about sleeping with relatives?

        You’re on the wrong topic “bubba”
        Move that little ass somewhere else, hush hush

    • Billy Kidd

      Don’t forget GAS PRICES are significantly lower than two years!
      Hello Repugnicants !

      • Daniel Grudzien

        President Obama getting credit for lowering gas prices is as ignorant as getting blamed for higher gas prices.

      • Billy Kidd

        yeah okay how bout you STFU!
        and sit down somewhere………

      • stairman

        he is right billy boy….lower gas prices are a result of two things…supply and demand…in spite of Obama not being for more drilling and increasing supply from federal lands the private sector increased home produced supply and while demand in the world has retreated because of an overall faltering world economy that is why prices are down…if you have no knowledge of economics you should keep your trap shut as it makes you look far less intelligent then you are….going that much below 100 is dangerous to your health

      • hankusmc

        Ok stairman, but that is not the song that the Republicans were “singing” when Michelle Bachmann was campaigning and promising gas prices at $2 per gallon, if she was elected president. None of her supporters pulled her to the side to “school” her, like you just did. In fact, the lowering of gas prices was one of Michelle Bachmann’s “strong” pushing points. Can’t have it both ways my friend. Regardless of how you look at it, these low gas prices are happening (in real time) under President Obama’s watch.

      • hankusmc

        Remember one of Michelle Bachmann’s promises was to get gas prices down to $2 per gallon if she was elected president. Heck, it’s $1.29 at a Kroger near Ellenwood, Ga. right now. If Michelle Bachmann was elected president and gas prices went down to $2 per gallon, “Obama-haters” would be bowing down and praising her. What kind of comments does Ms. Bachmann have for the President concerning gas prices now? NONE! Or maybe “He had nothing to do with that”. Republicans, what is going on in your Party? Why are you acting the way you are with “this” president? Really?

  • Scott Cline

    I always laugh when I hear this unemployment under 6 % under Obama. Does anyone realize they don’t count the people that no longer qualify for unemployment which is well over half the people not working. West Virginia alone is almost 50% not working.

    • Jennifer King

      Reagan was able to drop the unemployment rate by changing the status of military soldiers as “employed” even if they weren’t active duty or collecting a paycheck. Obama has made a huge push to ween people off unemployment and government assistance. Went as far as using his own aunt as an example of an able bodied woman who is mostly dependant on government assistance.

    • Jeff T

      You are aware that the employment rate you’re referencing also includes “discouraged workers”, right? The figure that’s most commonly referenced is the U3, and it IS under 6%. Just go up one step, the U4, and it is the U3 plus discouraged workers. People who are pissed off about their jobs are counted in the higher unemployment figures, is that really how we should be determining unemployment rates?

      The fact remains, that all employment rates from U1 to U6 have dropped, which is a good thing.

    • charlotte

      You are wrong about how the unemployment rate is calculated. It’s based upon actively looking for work not just collecting unemployment.

    • Russell Hanson

      Your right I don’t work (I’m retired ) Mitt Romney doesn’t work he lives off returns on investments. My grand children don’t work, they children. John Boehner does’t work he’s a congressman. And people who have never worked do not qualify for unemployment. Unemployment is based on the percentage of people that are seeking a job and not finding it after 40 years of republican trickle down economics are you ready to try something new.? When Obama took office unemployment was 3 times higher than it is now. So if 6 is really 15% then the 15% then was really 45% you can use one measurement now and another 6 years ago.

      • Theresa Long

        Awesome comeback.

    • Follow @offensivedialog

      Both U6 and U3 unemployment have gone down.

  • christopher

    Allen Clifton should quit his job. This article makes him look very stupid.
    Liberal propaganda is getting worse than fox news.

    • noah vail

      NOTHING is worse than Fux News !!!

  • SWBeauty

    The problem is even when you explain how thoroughly the fright-wing talking points have been debunked, they will not hear any of it! They are not capable of absorbing anything that contradicts their beliefs. They use tired, decades old comments about Kool Aid etc. It’s pathetic, not worth the time or effort to try to educate these fools.

  • Mark Schmidt

    I agree that much of this is racist – Death threats against President Obama are 300% higher than against any other President to date, per the FBI – but I KNOW there is a huge reserve of vitriolic hatred against Hillary Clinton as well, just waiting for her to declare her candidacy. I am not trying to minimize the racism on the right, but that is only a part of their incredible ignorance and hatred for the reality of our country and our constitution. They hate that all people have rights. They hate that their concept of “religion” is a magical thinking delusional cult. They are fools driven by evil liars for personal gain and there are NO decent people remaining on the right at this time.

  • Guest

    If you told them you were a drug kingpin who primarily focused on selling crystal meth they would know you’re a progressive…

    • Cathryn Sykes

      Wow. You are really out there, aren’t you, Guest #2? (Too shy to actually use your name?) I know a bunch of “progressives” and not a one of them sells drugs….most of them are too busy taking care of their kids and/or working for a living.

      • Guest

        Why would you say Meth Kingpins don’t raise their children in loving environments?

        There have been Meth Kingpins who have raised their children in loving environments.

        Melvin Williams was a
        Heroin Kingpin from Baltimore with an above genius level IQ who raised his children in a very loving environment.
        All of his children went to college and are now living happy productive lives.

        If a Heroin Kingpin can raise their children in loving environments then why couldn’t a Meth Kingpin?

        Why are you Progressives so discriminatory towards
        Meth Kingpins?

        What if the Meth Kingpin was a Buddhist from the North Pole that lived in a palm tree???

        There is more discrimination against the North Pole Buddhist community that live in palm trees than any other group on the planet!

        North Pole Buddhist also raise their children in loving environments.

        So what do you Progressives have against North Polelinians that happen to be Buddhist and live in palm trees?

  • Moe_the_UnionGuy

    Elton John’s “Texan Love Song”: “So it’s Ki-yi-yippie-yi-yiYou long hairs are sure gonna die
    Our American home was clean till you came
    And kids still respected the president’s name

    And the eagle still flew in the sky
    Hearts filled with national pride …” as long as they’re white, but that’s not racist.

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  • JamesVT802

    We simply need to kill off religion. Its a joke. Religion is just a bunch of idiots blindly following a book full of fairy tales. Republicans are a bunch of idiots blindly following this same book, but taking things from this book and trying to apply them into politics. come on people, its time to come back to reality and focus on things that are a bit more important.

    • Alias Darker

      majority of the planet (70%) believe religion is important , so it’s important , no matter what you think, or do

      • Chris H

        This is true, but there is still no real reason…or proof….that religion has any meaning. Throughout history, religion has only caused wars and death. It has also given people control over others. Who knows, maybe religion is real and there is a higher power out there or maybe it was just a friendly joke someone turned into a control opportunity.

      • Alias Darker

        that’s not the point ( your opinion or my opinion on religion) , my point is 70% of the planet believes it is important, regardless of what it does . period, i’m not into emotional thinking, I just state facts :)

      • DianneP

        what is needed is a separation of state and religion…

  • Tarheelboy

    Don’t just shake your head. This is June 27, 2015 and most of the U.S. hates Barack obama’s guts and for good reason. He’s an arrogant Marxist Muslim who made made a living lying since he took office. He is reckless in spending other people’s money; he should be in jail.

    • DianneP

      Your talking complete BS…
      hate creeps that spread garbage

      • Tarheelboy

        Fuck you, you worthless asshole. You’re gonna lose in every way. The last election is only the start. The keyword in your life and the rest of your clan is WORTHLESS!

      • Sakhal Nakhash

        F*** you, you worthless a******.

        “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”
        – Socrates

      • Tarheelboy

        The debate is over. Look in the mirror, you lost shithead. Badly.

      • Sakhal Nakhash

        I wasn’t debating you. And I can remain civil.
        However you have obligingly illustrated my point.

      • Tarheelboy

        You must be a stupid prick.

      • Sakhal Nakhash

        More insults and no substance.
        Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

      • noah vail

        this dude is laughable…even when you pointed it out to him he still can’t get it…he has just GOT to be a repukelican

    • noah vail

      did your mother teach you to be such a creep or did you learn it yourself?

      • Tarheelboy

        Learned it myself; also that assholes like you will eventually get your ass beat when you run that mouth close enough for someone to hear. Keep it up, sissy boy, your day is coming.

      • gingerail

        I have a feeling …it will be you..ha! although…in public you may be two faced….and not want to show your bigoted side…. just behind the keyboard where you can hide.

    • gingerail

      You are so ignorant!
      Do yourself a favor and enlighten yourself… try to catch up!
      And stop watching that false news…
      They spread lies and bullshit.smh…

  • DianneP

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It is basic ignorance that causes hatred and this was clearly the case. I do not live in USA and have followed Obama from the start. He took on a daunting presidency full of blocks, constant insults and he carried on with dignity.

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  • jblack10

    When people go on and on about President Obama like this I always say prove it. I am a certified Secondary Social Studies teacher and whenever I had an essay question on an exam I tell students you must have proof or I am marking your statement on the essay wrong. For example the statement “the reason he’s still president is bc of voter fraud” just ask her where is her proof to substantiate this claim? Chances are she does not have any proof other than Fox News which is comparable academically with Wikipedia, not an acceptable source.

  • nikki edwards

    I will back my handsome president Obama to the end! And oh yeah I hate trump the chump!!!!!!

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  • Bill Lundy

    And I guarantee YOU that this person’s hate for Obama is because he’s black, period. That’s how you know you’re talking to a real racist: they come up with the most ridiculous on their face claims to back them up, and they’ve got nothing else. Race is HUGE in America and will be for many decades to come. As long as racists have children and raise them to be racists…

  • Carl Fischer

    It’s not much different in Missouri. Very depressing. I’ve been led to believe Austin is an island of rational people in a sea of nuts. Not so?

  • Howard Milstein

    Unfortunately, everything this woman told the leftist moron of an author is incontrovertibly true; to its utmost. Only a demogogue and and idiot at that could seriously think otherwise. This pig , without doubt, hates this freedom loving, capitalistic country with a passion!