Paul Ryan: The Ultimate Hypocrite

paulryanThough many politicians disgust me, Paul Ryan holds a special place with me as the ultimate pile of garbage.  That may seem harsh to some, but let me tell you why I feel this way.

This is a man who constantly rallies against big government spending, and champions himself a “true small government fiscal conservative.”

Only, he’s completely full of crap.

Before I cover a few items from his political career which proudly display his hypocrisy about government spending, I’d like to give a little background on the man himself.

You see, Paul Ryan had the unfortunate fate of losing his father as a teen—a teen who attended a public high school.  However, this tragic event led to a 16 year old Paul Ryan receiving Social Security benefits until his 18th birthday.  Ryan then saved these Social Security benefits (yes, that same Social Security he has called a Ponzi scheme) to help pay for his education at Miami University (a publicly funded university by the way).

Though he worked summers during school as a salesman for Oscar Mayer, his entire career has been spent as a politician, or working for one in various jobs or internships.

Yes, the man who has built a career preaching small government went to public school, used Social Security benefits to pay for his college degree and has spent his entire adult life working for the government.  The man who champions the greatness of the private sector, and beats his drum on the evils of government, has never really held a job in the private sector—but has made quite a life for himself as a government employee.

Now, I know what Republicans will say, “But President Obama has never worked for the private sector either!”, and that’s mostly true—but he also hasn’t made a career preaching about the evils of government like Ryan has.

Now, moving on to a few items from his career as a politician.

First, let me destroy this ridiculous notion that he’s a “fiscally responsible hero.”

Paul Ryan:

None of these even touch the roughly $1.8 trillion in defense spending he’s supported during his time in Congress.

This man is the definition of a hypocrite.

A man who went to public school as a minor, used Social Security money to pay for his college degree where he went to a publicly funded university, has made a career as a government employee and voted for bills that have added trillions to our national debt—championing himself as a “small government fiscally responsible hero.”

All while pushing for a budget which would cut taxes even more, calls for $554 billion more in defense spending, guts many programs which help the poor and would turn Medicare into a voucher system (that would essentially destroy Medicare completely).

His hypocrisy in supporting massive spending (well, until Obama got into office), while claiming to be a man for “small, fiscally responsible government” is well established. Even beyond that, however, lies the contradiction in his worship of both Ayn Rand (an atheist who preached selfishness and considered religious people to be fools) and his claims of being a devout follower of Jesus Christ.

How Ryan can say he models his life based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, while supporting the social economic ideologies of a woman who preached the exact opposite, is a true testament to his ignorance and hypocrisy.

Paul Ryan defines what the Republican Party has become—a shallow entity built on propaganda, hypocrisy, thriving on ignorance and lacking any true substance that supports their rhetoric. Perhaps the saddest part of it all is the fact that he wouldn’t have it any other way.

About Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has a degree in Political Science. He is a co-founder of Forward Progressives, and author of the popular Right Off A Cliff column. He is also the founder of the Right Off A Cliff facebook page, on which he routinely voices his opinions and stirs the pot for the Progressive movement. Follow Allen on Twitter as well, @Allen_Clifton.

  • Shirley Hays

    If memory serves me correctly, a student such as Ryan could collect Social Security benefits until age 23, as long as they remained in school with a passing GPA. Might want to check that out.

  • http://beyogasouth.com Andrew Diamond

    bat boy Ryan is an embarrassing sh!t stain on our national landscape. He should leave Congress and get a job he is proven to be qualified to do, like washing already clean pots and pans.

  • Raji the Green Witch

    He climbed the ladder of success which was Generously available to him throughout his life and now that he is “There” he wants to PULL That same ladder up behind him so that no one ELSE can follow in his footsteps. In other words, he is a typical 1%’er. “I got mine so screw you for yours.”

  • AlbertCat

    I dunno…. “Biggest hypocrite in Congress”….. those are some mighty big shoes to fill.

  • Dana

    Nice counterargument. Name-calling and strawman argument. Next time try for actually addressing the issues discussed. Did this guy tell the truth or didn’t he? If he didn’t, where’s your evidence?

  • http://www.facebook.com/rightoffacliff Allen Clifton

    And you’re proof that facts don’t matter in the Republican created delusional reality. Now go watch Fox News and listen to what your cult leaders tell you to believe.

    Oh, and for the record, EVERYTHING in the article is true. Those blue words with lines underneath them, those are called links.

  • Schuyler Thorpe

    “…Those blue words with lines underneath them, those are called links.”


  • michelle

    Well…. I do not belevied anything you said about Paul Ryan. He is a good guy. Republican party is the best in the World!!!!

  • Cringa

    Thank you for proving the poit Allen. Again you make snide comments and try to belittle Fox news. Interesting how little you grasp the reality here. Fox news -most watched network. MSNBC – in the tank and considered by major polling to be nothing but a opinion network. No real news.
    You malign Paul Ryan buy yet you mention nothing about the hypocritcal Kerry who voted for the war then had the audacity to call the president a liar based on the same information Kerry voted for the Afghan war. Paul Ryan may have voted for the war (how many others did too) and yet the war expense under bush didnot put us in the fiscal crisis. The policies under HUD leader Cuomo and President Clinton did. Progressive and forward thinking – coined phrases to hit you pinko – commie colors… Yea name calling I can stick with.

  • Andrew

    Hahahaha, brother, you are all kinds of stupid.

  • caro

    Brian, I like how you say all of that with NOTHING to support those stupid claims, and how you also don’t have any DEFENSE for Paul Ryan. I think you had too much kool aid.

  • Stephen Douglas

    Hey Little Brian. You’re a big talker on the internet, but I know who you are, we went to school together. I also know your parents. Our parents used to go to church together, but after the little ‘incident’ that your dad had with the lady that he worked with, and your mother diving into alcoholism because of it, our parents don’t speak to each other anymore. In fact, your father is referred to as ‘Underwear Bob’ in our family now.
    I understand where your anger stems from, and after seeing photos of you and your wife online, I would be an angry SOB as well. Let’s face it, your wife is ugly and you know it. Did you know that your wife’s looks have been the topic of jokes for a while now, Brian. I thought you would have killed her by now, to put her (and yourself) out of her misery.
    Your children are no bargains either. Your daughter’s taste in black boys must make you very proud. I’m sure that she is keeping herself pure just like you have beat into her all these years.
    Brian lives with an insane amount of sexual repression that is the cause and the effect of his doom-and-gloom christian fundamentalist beliefs. Brian has convinced his wife that god made sex for procreation, and that casual sex is a dirty thing. How happy she must be as well. I foresee Little Brian repeating the habits of his father, and Colleen turning into an drunk slob like his mom.
    What a shame. All of that filthy anger and disgusting behavior in the name of your god. Stay classy, Brian. If you were a little more laid back like your brother, you might have had the chance to be a cool guy, instead of an angry piece of shit.

  • Annie

    Dana, I’m so glad you saw the flaws, the HOLES in the logic. “Where’s the beef?”

  • Nancy Jo Wilson

    Let’s see how the progressive model is working? 17 trillion in debt, 8% unemployment, 8 million people no longer in the job market, no budget in 5 years and the Obama’s taking another vacation and having another party. Add to that 110 million people with a sexually transmitted disease. Your plan is not working. The Dems have not even had the courage to present a budget in the Senate for debate and discussion.

  • Calvin

    He just gave you the source . Look at his record.

  • Bob P.

    He said he’s a conservative..and he is out pushing the Liberal Big Government agenda . I think that makes him a liar. Or he doesn’t understand what conservative means.

  • Susan

    Please don’t talk about Obama’s vacations when Bush and Reagan took more than any other president! Once again .. try facts and truth. And now its Obama’s fault that people have STD’s .. seriously??? Hey – tomorrow is Saturday and its all Obama’s fault!! sheesh

  • Jalopy

    Um, what does the rate of STDs have to do with anything? Maybe if the country wasn’t so repressed and believed in teaching something besides abstinence-only programs we wouldn’t have that problem. Oh right, Obama tried to encourage access to safer sex precautions and the religious folk went crazy. But again how can you blame STD “statistics” on the POTUS? Maybe you need to take a vacation.

  • Andy

    110 million people with sexually transmitted disease? You got source for that? And I would think if that were true, the Republicans would be a little more enthusiastic about sex ed and condom supply, and funding medical research and treatment. Or is just that you don’t care as long as it stays in the minority community?

  • Tevis Burke


    The U.S. has a population of approx. 310 million w. 138 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 65 (prime ages of sexual activity). If 110 million people have STD’s that is pretty amazing! It would mean that most married couples in the U.S. have STD’s as do their parents and quite probably their children. If you want to pull ignorant proclamations out of your ass then go comment on The Blaze.

    Now that $17 trillion. For starters your number is way off but I will admit that the real numbers are rising. But lets look at some of those numbers (and the sources I got them from)

    First off lets consider the war costs incurred by this country over the last 10 years -

    According to the Cato Institute, one of the most politically conservative think tanks, the cost to date of the Afghan/Iraq war in terms of our debt is $4.4 trillion and rising due to interest to be paid on all the “loans” taken out to pay for the wars. And this number does not include future expenses such as dealing with the care of the casualties, payment of GI Bills, funding of the VA, etc. These “loans”, in the form of treasury notes, were how the wars had to be financed as a result of the Bush tax cuts. Bush is the only President in U.S. history to go to war and cut taxes. That is the root cause of much of our debt mess.


    Then there are a whole set of factors in play, many that predate Obama or he has carried over from the Bush admin.

    Debt Contributing Factor Addition to Debt Percent of $9 Trillion Debt

    1. Pentagon-War Spending $2.1 trillion 22.9%

    2. Bush/Obama Tax Cuts 2001-12 $3.15 trillion 34.2%

    3. Bank Bailouts $900 billion 9.8%

    4. Bush/Obama Stimulus $1.89 trillion 20.6 %

    5. Part D Prescription Drug Plan $450 billion 4.8%

    6. Inflationary Costs for
    Medicare-Medicaid $180 billion 1.9%

    7. Lost Tax Revenue from 18 $255 billion 2.7% million additional unemployed

    8. Interest on the $9 Trillion $270 billion 2.9%

    ____________ $9,201 billion ($9.2 trillion)

    My Sources –
    (1)Office of Management & Budget historical tables & BLS for CPI change
    (2) Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, June 28, 2010, based on Congressional Budget Office and Joint Tax Committee of Congress data
    (3) U.S. Treasury, TARP Report
    (4) (5), Medicare Trustees Report for 2011
    (6) Wall St. Journal, New York Times, Economic Policy Institute, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities articles and analyses
    (7) Federal Reserve Bank, Flow of Funds Report, July 2011 and authors calculations.

    If you want to argue then argue on the merits and research the facts. Your rants and ignorance only further serve the image that so many Americans have of the conservative Teabagged loons who have ruined the Republican Party (which I once belonged to) and are destroying this nation.

  • So True. Obama is a fraud.

    Obama Sucks. You can bash Ryan all you want but at least his agenda is not to destroy this country and strip us of our rights. I would take Ryan over Odictator ANY day. You are supporting a man with a very ambiguous history and radical socialist background who is ruining this country my ancestors fought to defend.

  • JerryBall

    My goodness, Little Stephen, Personal Insults? The last wave of defense of the defenseless liars of the world? So how’s your skanky world working out, Stephen?

  • Mitch Mabee

    Dude! You feel better? Jesus that was sweet piece of surgery. What brought that on? I don’t see any comments from Brian at all. Listen Steve if we ever cross paths and I do something to set you off, do me a favor bra and give me a chance at reconcile before you go straight to nuclear deployment.

  • Andy Kinnard

    This is how church-going Christian speaks to others?

  • Stephen Douglas

    That’s a good one, Jerryballs. I wonder how many dimwitted comebacks that you typed, deleted, scratched your head, typed, read, reread, deleted, and typed again before you found the perfect comeback to set me in my place. I am sure that you stayed up very late, pulling at your pajama pants and maniacally anticipating the impact that your shitty little skanky world comment would have on me. I hope that your mom and dad didn’t wake up as you furiously masturbated yourself into a blind rage, bouncing between the forwardprogressives page, and the Male 4 Male sex ads on Craigslist.
    Congratulations, Jerryballs, you can now consider yourself the undisputed defender of the ultimate defense of defenseless defenders. You are a mighty force, equipped with an endless array of insults provided to you by the pre-teen members of your community Dungeons and Dragons group (no girls allowed). You have succeeded in your quest to stuff my vile attitude. In your two sentences of raw, unbridled moxie, I am now convinced that even the borderline-retarded can make the internet a better place.
    I must now trudge on, licking the wounds of my self esteem after the lashing that Jerryballs, King of the oppressed, Defender of the defenseless, Occupier of his parents’ basement has given to me. Somehow, in years to come, I hope that this lesson helps me cleanse my skanky world.
    All hail Jerryballs, a world class cocksucker.

  • Stephen Douglas

    Don’t worry, Mitch. Jerryballs has helped me fulfill the fulfillment that needs fulfilling.

  • Bigot Hater

    Actually MY relatives think yours are a pile of syphilis spreading illegal aliens. Go back to Europe.
    Your whole destroy the country B.S. is most likely because you are likely a closeted, but just barely Bigot.
    Strip us of our rights? Shut the frick up…really? I seem to recall post 9-11 as the time rights were eliminated in the name of “protecting” us.
    Additionally, if you are going on about that idiotic crap that is on fox network about the government taking your guns you are truly delusional. Really dude? We have that kind of police force? Each house? That’s as ridiculous as providing a paid cop at every school. We can’t even afford teachers for our students let alone a COP.
    It is truly scary how delusional you folks are.
    And as far as radical..you should really check out the real radical. He’s another dark skinned scary type who wants everyone to eat and have basic rights and ruled with love..his name was Jesus..check him out for a huge commie socialist radical.

  • Shelley

    Tevis you are my new hero!!!

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  • Jesse Barrios

    Seriously?… Does your brain work?

  • Mike

    Do you Democrats really believe the economic path we’re on is sustainable???