John Oliver Brilliantly Hammers Climate Change Skeptics: “You Don’t Need People’s Opinions on a Fact” (Video)

jon-oliver-climate-changeI’ll be honest, I’ve yet to catch John Oliver’s new show on HBO called Last Week Tonight.  In fact, this video was the first clip I’ve actually seen of the show, but I will say it’s one of the best segments on this type of show I’ve ever seen.  It was short, to the point and wonderfully mocked the idiocy of those who don’t believe in climate change.

Oliver tore into a Gallup poll that said one in four Americans isn’t buying into climate change saying, “Who gives a shit?  That doesn’t matter.  You don’t need people’s opinions on a fact.  You might as well have a poll asking which number is bigger, 5 or 15? Or do owls exist? Or are there hats?”

He continued on, saying, “The only accurate way to report that one out of four Americans are skeptical of global warming is to say, ‘A poll finds that one in four Americans are wrong about something.’ Because a survey of thousands of scientific papers that took a position on climate change found that 97 percent endorsed the positions that humans are causing global warming.”

Then he went on to say that the biggest reason why this issue still seems like it’s a debate, is because on TV it is.  He pointed out that during these debates it’s usually “Bill Nye the Science Guy vs. some dude.”   Poking fun at the fact that in these debates each side is given equal representation, when the reality is 97 percent of scientists believe in man-made climate change.

Oliver then suggested a real debate should be had where both sides of the argument are accurately represented by the prcentages of scientists who support climate change vs. those who oppose it. This part of the segment starts out in the typical one on one format, with Oliver actually getting Bill Nye to appear, but then it escalates into 2 other climate deniers coming on stage followed by 96 other scientists to “debate” climate change.

Which is actually a great point. During these debates both sides are often given equal representation, when in reality the overwhelming majority of the scientific community believes that humans are causing climate change.  It gives the perception that both sides should be taken seriously.  But when you think about it, the fact that we’re “debating” facts that are supported by an overwhelming number of the world’s scientists is ridiculous.

I absolutely loved this segment and the brilliance behind the way Oliver mocked these imbeciles who continue to doubt the existence of man-made climate change.  I’m definitely going to have to add Last Week Tonight to my DVR scheduler.

Watch the segment below:

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  • http://www.redheadedfemme.com/ BB-Mystic

    Hey, everybody, let’s just ignore this argumentative jackass [Seth]!
    I’m sure Exxon is paying him by the comment.

    • Seth Williams

      Not really, I just like seeing ALL the facts laid out instead of just certain ones here and there to make it a one sided argument. BTW, if I was paid for by Exxon. I’d be saying that Climate change isn’t real. Not once in ANY of my posts have I said that :)

  • FD Brian

    I have always wondered when I see a debate on tv about climate change I always see a scientist who is warning us about the problem but I never see a scientist on the other side who is a denier. They say 3% of them are deniers, then why aren’t they ever on TV, it’s always a politician, WTF?

  • http://bet.com/ JamalPigSheite

    brak wil fix awl dis mes nome sayn

  • skoony

    we are not causing climate change.there is no climate change.
    more people and more and better scientific equipment gives us the illusion
    that there is record breaking this and that.not so.
    record breaking to modern equipment,maybe.
    thier theories are just that.theories.
    known fact.climate changes at a cyclical rate of 40 to 70 years.
    cold,warm,drought.torrential rain,flooding,you name it.
    what goes around comes around.
    first it was the ice age cometh.then global warming.
    now climate change.next,OMG the climates staying the same
    we must have done something.