Colorado Republican Falls for Satire Story, Freaks Out and Proposes Bill Banning Food Stamps for Weed Purchases

Vicki MarbleI’ll admit, I’ve never worked inside a political campaign or for any politician.  That being said, I do know that they often have a team of people working for them assigned to various roles, helping them to be “better informed” about specific political stances (or bills) they might publicly endorse.

So I don’t get how things like Rand Paul’s plagiarism scandal from a couple of months ago happen.  Not that I can’t believe someone would plagiarize – it happens — but that nobody in his office caught it and brought it to Paul’s attention.  I just don’t get it.

Well, what happened in Colorado recently might just take the cake.  I mean, it’s one thing to propose some ridiculous bill that stands no chance at passing (it happens all the time) but to propose a bill based on outrage over a satire article written by the National Report is incompetence on a whole other level.

And that’s exactly what happened.

In Colorado, Republican State Senator Vicki Marble proposed a bill aimed to “tackle this problem” of people buying marijuana with food stamps in the state.

Except, there have been absolutely zero incidents of people trying to buy marijuana with their food stamp benefits.  Only an idiot would think “pot brownies” would be covered as a SNAP purchase.

It’s completely absurd to think that somebody could walk into a pot shop and use their food stamps to purchase weed — but apparently that didn’t prompt Marble, or anyone at her office, to actually research if this was happening.

Like I said, complete and total incompetence.

Especially considering rules in Colorado have already set the regulation of marijuana in conjunction with those that regulate liquor – another substance that people aren’t allowed to buy with their electronic food stamp benefits card.

But apparently to try to save a little dignity over falling for a fake story, another Colorado Republican, Jared Wright, said Ms. Marble’s bill is, “a preventative measure designed to create better stewardship around where and how these benefit dollars are used.”

I actually laughed when I read that comment.  The bill itself is laughable enough, but to actually try to validate that bill (to save some dignity) by saying that it’s just a preventative measure “just in case” is even more of a joke.

There’s nobody in their right (or stoned) minds in the state of Colorado who would believe that they would be allowed to legally buy marijuana with their food stamp cards.

The bottom line is, this Colorado Republican state lawmaker — in a rush to play partisan politics — fell for a satirical story, and the end results are that she looks like a complete fool.

But it’s still something we can all sit back and laugh at, because it is truly (and pathetically) hilarious.

Image via AP

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