It’s Time Sane Republicans Admit the Truth: They No Longer Have a Party

While I’m not a fan of Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Peter King, John Kasich or Lindsey Graham, I’ll at least give them credit for being sane. Sure, I disagree with them on practically every major political issue we face in this country, but at least when it’s all said and done, when I hear them […]

I Would Like to Address Gun Fanatics & Their Ridiculous Pro-Gun Propaganda

I’ve reached my limit when it comes to people who can’t even attempt to be the slightest bit rational or reasonable about sensible gun regulations. When I say “sensible,” that does not mean I support gun confiscations. It’s absolutely ridiculous how any time we try to have an adult conversation about guns in this country, gun fanatics go […]

Yes, the Brexit Vote Has a Lot in Common with Donald Trump & Should Terrify Us All

I didn’t write anything about it, but I had a feeling that the Brexit vote was going to go the way the bigots, racists, radicals and fear-mongers wanted it to. Selling fear is much easier than trying to be reasonable and logical, which always puts those trying to explain complex situations based on factual information […]

10 Activities That are More Productive Than Trying to Reason with Gun Fanatics

As most people are probably aware by now, the debate over reasonable and rational gun regulations has, once again, become a top story all across the country. This means I’ve spent the better part of my week doing something I know is totally and completely worthless: Trying to reason with gun fanatics. Normally I’m good about walking […]

10 Indisputable Facts that Debunk Nearly Every Ridiculous Gun Nut Talking Point

When it comes to the debate over gun and gun regulations, there’s a whole lot of garbage propaganda that gets used by pro-gun fanatics to try to defend their positions. For instance, their claim that guns have nothing to do with gun violence, that anyone pushing for sensible gun regulations is trying to destroy the Second […]

Group of Radical, Anti-Government Muslims Found with Huge Arsenal of Weapons

In some rather alarming news, it was reported today that FBI and Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives officials, in conjunction with Homeland Security, raided a hostile anti-government group of Islamic radicals who had compiled a massive arsenal of weapons and ammunition. Dozens of military-style semi-automatic rifles such as AR-15’s, AK-47’s, as well as thousands of rounds of […]

5 Things the Democratic Party Must Learn from Bernie Sanders’ Success

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been over a year since Bernie Sanders announced he was running for president, launching a campaign that would change the Democratic party forever. As someone who supported Hillary Clinton, and has, at times, been critical of Sanders during this past year (though most of my issues have been […]

Liberals Are Being Hypocritical About One Thing Regarding the Massacre in Orlando

I’ve always been willing to call out “my side” from time to time. In fact, I’ll be the first to admit that the far-left and the far-right aren’t all that much different when it comes to denying facts that they don’t want to be real. I’ve “taken on” each “side” in my years covering politics and, trust me when […]

The Real Immediate Threat to the U.S. Isn’t ‘Radical Islam,’ It’s ‘Radical Republicans’

Before too many people go off into an unhinged tangent claiming I’m downplaying the dangers of terrorism, I’m not. I am fully aware of the dangers it poses and the fact that these terrorists do want to kill as many Americans (and basically anyone who disagrees with them) as possible. But the hype and fear-mongering […]

8 of the Dumbest Things Republicans Say About Gun Violence

When it comes to debating many Republicans and pro-gun advocates, it’s become increasingly difficult, if not outright impossible, for me to take most of them seriously. The “logic” and “rationale” many of these folks use is so asinine I’ve reached a point where I don’t even get angry as much as I just laugh at […]