Here’s Why the Media is Desperately Trying to Push Anti-Clinton Conspiracies

I know it’s popular to attack the mainstream media, but I usually give them the benefit of the doubt because I don’t really blame them — I blame us. As consumers, cable news networks (and practically all media entities that generate revenue) are only giving us what we tell them we want — via website traffic, […]

Let Me Address These Fools Pushing Asinine Conspiracies About Hillary Clinton’s Health

There have been many asinine things said and done during the 2016 presidential election, but none of them compare to these outrageous conspiracies concerning Hillary Clinton’s health. We are literally watching a fringe, right-wing conspiracy based on absolutely zero credible medical evidence become a major talking point by a Republican presidential candidate, many well-known members of the conservative […]

Here’s the Truth About ISIS and the Iraq War that Trump & His Supporters Don’t Want to See

To watch Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans blatantly try to re-write history is quite remarkable. Especially considering that with a simple Google search, anyone can easily debunk their ridiculous attempts to push some fabricated version of fairly recent history. Take for instance Trump and the GOP’s rhetoric about the Iraq War, Libya and ISIS. […]

Here are 5 Facts About Donald Trump and His Campaign the Media Really Needs to Address

Despite what conservatives think about most of the mainstream media, there are still a lot of truths and facts about Donald Trump (and Republicans in general) that you’ll rarely (if ever) hear said on the major news networks. But considering how dangerous the possibility of a Trump presidency is, I think it’s time we embrace the […]

Russia is Trying to Help Elect Donald Trump For One Very Simple and Terrifying Reason

Mounting evidence continues to indicate that the hacks (some successful, some not) that have targeted not only the DNC, but many levels of the Democratic party, were orchestrated by Russians – more specifically, Russia’s government. We saw some of the results of this illegal hacking surface a few weeks ago when Wikileaks published nearly 20k […]

Exposing the Mind-Numbing Ignorance of Clinton Foundation Conspiracies

To believe anti-Clinton critics, you would think Bill and Hillary Clinton were more powerful, evil and diabolical than even the most over-the-top villain in your stereotypical spy movie. The Clintons have been accused of: Being serial killers. (No, seriously, there are individuals out there who think they’ve killed well over 90 people.) Money laundering and racketeering. Covering […]

10 Questions Republicans Need to Answer Concerning Their Support for Donald Trump

I’ve reached a point with Donald Trump where I don’t even know what to say anymore. To think, within just the last few weeks, we’ve had the Republican presidential candidate publicly encourage the Russian government to commit espionage against the United States and suggest that “Second Amendment people” could take things into their own hands if Hillary Clinton wins in November. […]

There’s a Component of the Fox News’ Sexual Harassment Scandal We Need to be Discussing

It was only a few short weeks ago when the news broke that former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson was suing her former employer, alleging that she had been let go because she rebuked sexual advances from the now former CEO of the network, Roger Ailes. As I figured at the time, that was just the […]

Who Said It: Donald Trump or The Onion

There are many ways to describe Donald Trump. From a bigot, to a racist to a raving lunatic with the temperament of a spoiled 13-year-old and the vocabulary of a 3rd grader, he’s easily the most ridiculous presidential candidate most of us have seen in our lifetimes. Personally, I think the most fitting adjective for Trump […]

Over 20 Years of Relentless GOP Attacks Actually Prove Hillary Clinton is Honest & Trustworthy

Without a doubt, Hillary Clinton has been the most scrutinized political figure in my lifetime and possibly in American political history. While President Obama has dealt with a good amount of flack from conservatives, he hasn’t had to endure nearly a quarter century of relentless fear-mongering and outrageous propaganda like Hillary has. To summarize how ridiculous […]