Stop Calling These Idiots in Nevada an “Armed Militia” – They’re Just Lunatics with Guns


I’ve absolutely had it.  I’m sick to death of people calling these fools in Nevada an “armed militia” who came to stand against the big bad federal government to “defend the rights” of Cliven Bundy. These people are not a militia.  They’re nothing more than a bunch of gun happy, right-wing radicals who hate the […]

Cliven Bundy Epitomizes Nearly Everything That’s Wrong with Conservatives


Cliven Bundy is nothing more than a mentally unstable individual who doesn’t want to pay the fees he’s accumulated for the laws he’s repeatedly violated.  He’s also becoming quite the conservative icon.  Why is he becoming an icon?  Because he’s an anti-government whack job who’s gathered other anti-government whack jobs on his land in the […]

This Voter Turnout Graph Shows Another Reason Why the Rich Continue to Control the Country


While both sides constantly complain about money in politics, how terrible our elected officials are and the inefficiencies of our government, the bottom line is we elect these people into office.  Without our votes, most of these politicians would have never been elected. Well, one of the biggest problems we have in this country is […]

It’s Time to be Honest: The Tea Party Has Become a Terrorist Group


While I’m sure many liberals who come across this headline will have some response like “Duh” or “Tell me something I didn’t already know, ” I think it’s time to put hyperbole aside and get real for a moment. Sure, for a while many liberals have called tea party supporters domestic terrorists and have accused […]

I’ve Got a Few Words for These Moronic Anti-Hillary Clinton “Shoe Truthers”


Most of the time when I write about something, I try to maintain a decent amount of decorum.  Then there are those topics that are so ridiculous I just put my fingers on the keyboard and rant away. This is going to be one of those topics, because these “shoe truthers” are some special kind […]

Abraham Lincoln Might Have Been a Republican, But He Damn Sure Wasn’t a Conservative


Anytime racism is brought up in the realm of political debate, it’s inevitable that some conservative will use the worn out (and ignorant) line of, “Abraham Lincoln was a Republican!”  Which, of course, is true.  Lincoln was in fact a Republican. Lincoln also instituted the first “income tax,” and told the Southern states claiming “states’ […]

Republicans are Trying to Mix the Ideologies of Jesus Christ with an Atheist and That Doesn’t Make Any Sense


It’s amazing to me how few conservatives know who Ayn Rand is.  Especially considering that she’s quite possibly the most influential person behind most of the Republican party’s economic ideologies. She was a person who spoke out against social programs, believed that people should only worry about themselves, opposed big government and worshiped at the […]

Ignorance is Bred From Insecurity, and Republicans are Full of Both


During a discussion I had with a friend, they said something that I took with me and thought a lot about once I had gotten home.  They said radicalism, ignorance and judgement is often bred from insecurity and fear.  That often the most anti-gay people you meet are those who never associate with homosexuals.  That’s […]

Trickle-Down Economics, Greed and the Republican Party are Destroying American Values


Republicans love pushing easy to regurgitate rhetoric because it’s much easier to brainwash people with simple catch phrases than it is to inform them of complex issues.  Doubt me?  Just watch a WWE event and see which wrestlers are most popular – the ones with catchy catch phrases.  Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve […]

No Matter How Successful the ACA Becomes, Republicans Have No Choice But to Keep Lying About It


It’s no secret that Republicans have based a large part of their party’s platform on being against the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.  Before it was even law, millions of dollars were being spent by various conservative groups to slander and sabotage the bill. After all these years of bashing the health care […]