Here’s How Trump Could Get Crushed by Clinton in the Debate but Still Be Declared ‘The Winner’

The first presidential debate is finally upon us. It’s an event that many are saying will shatter ratings records as possibly the most anticipated debate in decades. In an election year that’s been one of the ugliest in U.S. history, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will finally be face to face. For months I’ve said […]

Translating Donald Trump: Analyzing the Idiotic Things He Says vs. What He Actually Means

During a speech last December, Donald Trump declared that he has “the best words” in a statement that sounded as if it was written by a 4th grader: I went to an Ivy League school. I’m very highly educated. I know words, I have the best words. I have the best. Even when Trump is […]

5 Questions Ted Cruz Should Answer Following His Gutless Endorsement of Donald Trump

Look, I understand how politics works. It’s a very complex “game” with a lot of moving parts and dynamics that a lot of voters aren’t even aware exist. Some politicians are great people who got into politics to make a difference, some are just average but flawed human beings — while others are egotistical, power-hungry […]

Republicans, I Give In: President Obama Has Absolutely Made Racism Worse

Living in the South means that I’m living in a “sea of red.” I’ve written before that growing up a progressive in a very red part of the country is actually an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything because I’ve seen, firsthand, what it truly means to be a conservative/Republican. I learned very quickly that […]

There’s One Very Simple Reason Why Trump’s Poll Numbers Have Improved

Much has been made recently over Donald Trump’s once declining poll numbers bouncing back to a level where he’s close to or leading Hillary Clinton in several swing state polls. To be fair, it is true that Trump’s numbers have improved quite a bit over what they were just a few weeks ago when Clinton enjoyed some of […]

Here are 5 Reasons Why Fact Checking Donald Trump is Almost Completely Useless

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my Trump-supporting friends and family, it’s that the people who think he should be our next president are, without a doubt, the least factually informed people I’ve ever known. If I made a list of people I know who are well-informed about politics vs. the ones who I […]

Admit It: Donald J. Trump is a Racist who’s Pandering to White Nationalism & the Alt-Right

Even though it’s been well over a year since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, I still struggle coming to grips with the shameful reality that what we’re all witnessing is actually happening. It’s still hard to believe that there are tens of millions of people in this country who can’t see how totally […]

The B.S. I Witnessed on Wednesday is Exactly Why Trump Might Become Our Next President

I’ve been predicting it for weeks, and now it’s plainly obvious: The media is doing its best to make the 2016 presidential election as close as possible because they need drama to drive ratings. And with Hillary Clinton approaching double-digit leads over Donald Trump just a few weeks ago, I knew the media was going […]

If Trump Supporters Didn’t Like What Clinton Called Them, They Really Won’t Like What I Have to Say

During the 2016 presidential election I’ve seen and heard a lot of incredibly stupid things, but what I dealt with on Saturday concerning the right-wing reaction to Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment was so utterly ridiculous I’m still not sure if my mind can fully grasp how idiotic this reaction has been. First, let’s […]

Dear Trump Supporters: You All are Supporting a Candidate Who Treats You Like You’re Idiots

If there’s one thing that baffles me most about the average Donald Trump supporter, it’s that he doesn’t remotely try to conceal the fact that he treats his supporters like idiots — yet they worship him anyway. It’s truly astonishing to watch people blindly cheer and defend a candidate who clearly knows that most of […]