Enough! Stop Making Excuses for Why People Support Donald Trump

I’ve reached my limit with people trying to make excuses for why there are so many conservatives in this country who’ve fallen in love with Donald J. Trump. From media pundits to guests on shows like Bill Maher’s Real Time, there are some in this country (typically those who are conservatives themselves) who’ve gone to great […]

Here are 8 Ways Donald Trump Blatantly Treats His Supporters Like Morons

Even though he’s going to be the GOP nominee, it’s still difficult for me to take Donald Trump seriously. Not because I don’t think he’d be a horrific disaster for this country, but because his whole campaign has been such an absurd cartoon-ish spectacle it’s sometimes difficult for me to believe this hasn’t been one really […]

After Backing Out of Debate with Sanders, Trump Proves Once and For All What a Fraud He Really Is

Let’s face it, while many of us were rather excited at the prospect of a cross-party debate between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, we all knew it was probably never going to happen. Either the two parties would have done something to prevent it from happening, no one would offer to pay the $10 million […]

5 Pros and Cons to a Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders Presidential Ticket

It was undeniable heading into the 2016 Democratic primary that there would be some talk about a potential Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders presidential ticket. Some people just like the thought and think that they would make a good administration, while others have suggested it as a way to quell some of the tension that’s grown over […]

This Is Why, as a Hillary Supporter, I Agree with Bernie Sanders That Debbie Wasserman Schultz Must Go

As a Hillary Clinton supporter, I seem to have caught a few of her supporters off guard recently when I wrote an article expressing my disdain for current DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I think she’s a terrible leader who’s extraordinarily incompetent, and I feel the party has been a disaster during her tenure. Sure, while […]

Here’s the Harsh Reality About the Two Choices We All Have This November

This election, unlike any other before it, has been driven by social media’s firm grasp on our political process. More specifically, the independent media which is often hyper-partisan, sensationalized and geared toward pandering to what people want to hear rather than what’s always true. It’s created a “confirmation bias bubble” where people surround themselves with […]

The Top 5 Things Donald Trump Has Proven About Republican Voters

As Democrats, liberals or progressives – whatever we want to call ourselves – we have our fair share of assumptions, beliefs and ideas about your average Republican voter. Many of us view them as backwards, racist, bigoted, sexist and just overall flat-out ignorant. These are labels that were tough to prove because any individual example displaying […]

There’s One Kind of Bernie Sanders Supporter That I Really Don’t Understand

When it comes to Bernie Sanders supporters, I typically understand why some people might prefer him over Hillary Clinton – even if I disagree with some of their reasoning. I don’t have to agree with why someone thinks the way that they do in order to understand them. That’s part of what makes this country great, the […]

Why Has the 2016 Election Been So Crazy? The Answer is Actually Fairly Obvious

I’ve followed politics for many years, but I’ve never seen anything like the 2016 presidential primary. Even as much as I love following politics, this election has, at times, pushed that “love” to its limits. To call some of what we’ve seen from both sides a “circus” doesn’t really do it justice, but the battle between Hilary […]

Why “Bernie or Bust” is Doing a Great Disservice to Sanders’ Legacy

It’s undeniable that Bernie Sanders has made a massive impact on the Democratic party this last year. Even though it’s very unlikely his goal of becoming the party’s nominee is going to happen, just based on the success of his campaign alone he’s brought positive changes to the party as a whole. Not only that, […]