Here’s My Tale of the Night I Debated a Religious Hypocrite

The other day I was out with my friend and his friend, let’s call them Jeff and Kate, having a couple of drinks, hanging out and talking about various topics. After a little while religion was brought up, at which point Kate informed me that she’s Hindu. Well, being that Hindus often don’t eat meat, […]

New Rule: You Can’t Call Yourself a Christian and Support Donald Trump

While the rise of Donald Trump within the Republican party has proven many things liberals have been saying about conservatives for decades, the fact that the so-called “party for Christian values” nominated him has undoubtedly proven the hypocrisy and ignorance of the “religious right.” In my opinion, you simply cannot call yourself both a Donald Trump […]

Stop Calling Donald Trump a Christian, Because He Damn Sure Isn’t One

There are a lot of things people can say about Donald Trump, but calling him a Christian shouldn’t be one of them. Over the years I’ve grown increasingly annoyed with the phrase “Christian” being thrown around as if owning a bible or going to church makes someone an actual “Christian.” While everyone is free to call themselves […]

Parents Facing First-Degree Murder Charges After Trying to ‘Pray Away’ Child’s Type 1 Diabetes

I’ll be honest, before today, I had actually never heard about the tragic story surrounding the death of 15-year-old Alex Radita. In case you hadn’t heard about it, in 2013, Alex died weighing just 37 pounds after his parents refused to treat the Type 1 diabetes he was diagnosed with when he was three. Instead they chose […]

Republican Governor: Conservatives are Ready to be Crucified to Oppose Gay Rights (Video)

While the battle for true equality for the LGBT community is far from over, we’ve essentially reached the last stages where Republicans are now just mounting petty, last-ditch efforts to continue to cling to their outdated bigotry. So, while there’s still plenty of work that’s left to be done, the writing is on the wall […]

It’s Time We Put an End to the Republican Lie About Their “Christian Values”

It’s rather comical that the party that champions itself as the party of “Christian values” has Donald Trump as the man who will eventually be their presidential nominee. It goes to show you the ignorance and hypocrisy that exists among so many on the right who consider themselves beacons for “Christian values.” The truth is, […]

Crazy Right-Wing Pastor’s Recent Comments Prove Why Churches Like His Should be Taxed (Video)

I’m a huge advocate of our American right to free speech. Even as vile and disgusting as the speech is from the likes of bottom-feeding parasites like the KKK or the Westboro Baptist Church, I absolutely feel that their right to say their disgusting comments should be protected – as long as they’re not purposely advocating violence. […]

Organized Religion: The Foundation of Many of Humanity’s Problems

There’s a seemingly endless list of topics that are almost constantly debated upon, not just in the United States, but across the globe. While every country, culture and person is different – we’re also not that dissimilar from one another when it comes to a lot of things. For instance, the topic of organized religion. Throughout human history, […]

Christian Bigot Kirk Cameron: Women are Meant to be Subservient to Their Husbands

Normally this probably wouldn’t be a story I would cover, but considering Kirk Cameron has been propped up by the right as some sort of beacon for “Christian values,” and he’s used what fame he has to push his godawful (pun intended) fanatical Christian propaganda, I thought I’d have a little fun tearing apart recent […]

Newspaper Exposes Some of the Comical “Facts” Told at Montana Creationist Museum

Even though I’m a Christian, I am by no means a creationist – not even close. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous (and sort of insane) to believe that the Earth is only 6,000-years-old. It takes an incredible amount of willful ignorance to doubt overwhelming scientific evidence and believe that everything that’s ever happened occurred within the […]