Donald Trump is Using Twitter to Adhere To, Aid and Comfort an Enemy

According to the NSA, CIA, FBI, our spies, and practically the entirety of our national security network, Vladimir Putin ordered a cyber attack against the United States — more specifically the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign — in a direct attempt to undermine our democracy. To put that in another way, a foreign enemy attacked the […]

This Passage from Teddy Roosevelt Proves Why Trump is Unfit to be President

Believe it or not, the Republican Party was actually once led by great individuals who stood for some amazing things. After all, this is the party that was once represented by the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, among others. Unfortunately, the Republican Party we see today is not the same party that those men once […]

Vladimir Putin’s Latest Move Proves He Knows Donald Trump’s an Easily Manipulated Idiot

In case you hadn’t heard, President Obama responded to Russia’s cyber attack by expelling diplomats and levying new sanctions against the country. That move would almost certainly lead to some sort of retaliation from Putin and the Russian government, right? Well, not this time. In a rather stunning move (until you realize Putin’s long-con with supporting Trump), […]

Trump Once Again Looks Foolish After Another Blatant Lie About Jobs

Whether most of the people reading this like it or not, we’re now living in a world where our next president doesn’t believe he’s bound by the laws of reality when it comes to most of the things he says. There’s “normal” lying where someone twists or cherry picks the facts to claim something that […]

In One Sentence, Mike Huckabee Perfectly Showcases How Delusional Republicans Have Become (Video)

Once upon a time the political debates I engaged in with conservatives centered around our difference of opinion when it came to economic policies, social ideological differences, and the general nature of politics. While those discussions could often be rather maddening, I rarely felt as if I was dealing with some sort of crazy person who […]

Conservative Radio Host: Trump’s Intelligence Can’t Easily Grasp More Than 140-Characters (Video)

Unless you’re one of the millions of mindless sheep who’ve been brainwashed and conned into believing that Donald Trump is competent enough to be president, it’s very likely that you’re absolutely ashamed and embarrassed that someone as mentally inept as he is will soon be our nation’s leader. Even now, it’s still mind-boggling that over […]

5 Comments in Two Days Perfectly Show How Dangerous, Insecure & Hypocritical Trump Is (Video)

Even though it’s only been a few weeks since Donald Trump won, it feels like it’s been much longer. He’s not even officially our president yet, but he’s already showing us all what an absolute nightmare the next four years are going to be. For a perfect example of what I’m talking about, we don’t need to look […]

One Stat Proves That Obama is Right, He Would Have Easily Defeated Trump

One of the big “stories” on Monday, if you want to call it that, centered around comments President Obama made where he said that he believed if he would have been able to run again this year, he would have beaten Donald Trump. Naturally, Trump disagreed, quickly taking to Twitter to proclaim that there’s “NO […]

Trump’s Reaction to Losing the Popular Vote Proves He’s Worse than a Petulant Child

Donald Trump is a 70-year-old father of five — a grandfather — who is so insecure and mentally weak that he always feels the need to try to prove something. If someone criticizes, pokes fun of or says something negative about him, he often lashes out at them. His behavior on Twitter frequently reminds me of a […]

Rachel Maddow Crushes Clueless Kellyanne Conway During Contentious Interview (Video)

Donald Trump gets the vast majority of the attention (and rightfully so) for the seemingly endless list of disgusting things he’s said and done, but there are a lot of people “behind the man” who are integral parts of this embarrassing circus we’ve all come to know and loathe since he launched his campaign over a year […]