Bill Nye Embarrasses Ken Ham Even More on CNN Following Debate (VIDEO)

bill-nye-ken-ham-cnnWhen I heard that Bill Nye would be having a debate with creationist Ken Ham, I figured it would be mostly comical.  I also assumed it would be about an hour or so long.  The second part I was definitely wrong about.

What I thought was going to be a quick debate between two men who clearly didn’t agree on much of anything actually turned out to be a 2 1/2 hour-long marathon where Bill Nye absolutely embarrassed Ken Ham.

And that’s coming from a Christian.

The debate wasn’t even close.  Basically, Ham’s entire argument was, “If you weren’t there to verify it, then you’re just assuming so you can’t prove it.  However, the only proof I have is the book called the Bible.”

Seriously, that was about 90% of his “proof.”  That and random blurbs from scientists who identified themselves as creationists.  Though I have no idea how pointing out that the man who invented the MRI is a creationist somehow “proves” much of anything.

People who think the moon landing was a hoax still believe water is vital for human survival.  That doesn’t make them some kind of “credible scientific expert” on space travel.

Well, just when I thought 2 1/2 hours wasn’t enough, it apparently spilled out onto CNN’s Piers Morgan Live in an “after debate” segment featuring the two men.

And wow, it was even more comical than the original.

Piers Morgan brought up the subject of climate change (something that wasn’t discussed during the debate) for which Bill Nye once again offered a scientific explanation about planetary warming being a cause for storms, whereas Ken Ham went off on a tangent about – well, basically nothing.

Even when Morgan pressed Mr. Ham on whether or not he believed in climate change, he refused to answer.  He even went as far as to say, when Morgan said he assumed that he didn’t believe in global warming, “Where have I ever said that, I’ve never said that.”  Though Mr. Nye clearly didn’t mind answering for him by saying, “You mentioned it on a radio broadcast.”

This then shifted to Morgan asking Ham if he believes dinosaurs lived with man.  Ham responded by saying he believed, “All the land animals were made on day six and Adam and Eve were made on day six,” indicating that he does believe dinosaurs and humans coexisted.

Morgan then pushed him on the fact that we find fossil bones more than 70 millions years old, to which Ham stated, “You don’t find dinosaur bones with labels on them.  Where’d you get the 70 millions years from?  Prove that to me.”


Essentially, Ham’s entire argument is that if you weren’t there you’re only “assuming.”  Any scientific evidence that contradicts his beliefs is just “assumptions” that aren’t proven.  Yet the only “proof” he provides is by saying, “Well, the Bible says…”

I mean, it’s an absolute joke.

Ham essentially dismisses the scientific community, which includes countless scientists, endless hours of research and centuries of data which have shaped the proven scientific facts most people now believe because, well – he simply doesn’t want to believe them.  They’re just assumptions according to him.

Oh, but all he has to do is say, “The Bible says…” and that’s his “proof.”

It was, quite honestly, one of the most comical things I’ve ever watched.  I almost felt bad for Ken Ham at points because you could tell his whole argument was based on talking in circles whereas Bill Nye’s argument was taken from actual scientific fact which he proved time and time again.

While I’m sure many “creationists” who tuned in probably think Ham might have won this debate, by believing that they’re only proving their own delusion.  Because saying, “Well, the Bible says..” is not a viable answer to a question which seeks proof of your accusation.

And that’s basically the only answer Ken Ham had all night.

If you want to take a look, here’s the video:

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  • Pat

    Amusingly, Ham’s own argument goes against him. He wasn’t there when the Bible was written, nor when it was translated – and re-translated – over many many years. The King James Bible was massively edited and revised to reflect the politics of King James and his ilk. The original Bible contained some massively different concepts that today’s Christian Right would be appalled to see.

  • http://torhershman.blogspot.com/ tor_hershman

    Of course, since I have only watched the Network News (a.k.a. Religious Authority approved Skippy Goebbels) report, I don’t have that much info. I will not watch the entire debate until I’m gettin’ as much money and/or publicity as Nye & Ham got.
    However, for Bill Nye to represent an Atheist POV…well…..I ain’t viewed anything like that since Neville Chamberlin got back from Berlin.
    You don’t get on PBS without being Religious Authority approved, TOO!

  • White True Patriot

    God’s two books are the Holy Bible and Mein Kampf. If you don’t follow them get your communist Jew atheist faggot asses out of God’s America and move to Faggotstan.

  • Mr Smith

    Point #1
    Mr. Ham was not there when the Bible was written so how does he know its accurate.
    Mr. Nye should have asked; “Mr. Ham you claim that we can not know the truth because we were not there, based on your own statement you have established that you can not possibly know if the bible is true and accurate since you were not there when it was conceived and first written. What proof do you have Mr. Ham that the bible is factual and accurate, and, that there truly exists a god that created the universe in 6 days?”

    When debating never ever use an argument that can be turned against you putting you on the defensive establishing that you don’t know what your talking about.

    Point #2
    Its established fact that the bible was written by man not God and has been heavily edited by governments and religious leaders over time and was duplicated from memory buy many different people.

    Stand a group of people in a line. Whisper a message in the ear of the first person and have them repeat the message down the line, by the time it gets to the end what is left of the message is comical. Now imagine doing the same thing with a whole book of information over hundreds of years and thousands of people.

    Topping it off with the established mistranslated of the original texts and glaring contradictions. The bible he claims to site as empirical truth, in any court of law can be proven to be conjecture, hearsay and an unreliable source of information.

    Real science on the other hand relies on establishing accuracy and repeatable tests proving beyond any doubt of its conclusions. Short of that it is labeled a theory, a hypothesis or is dis proven. This can not be said about faith. Wanting it to be true does not ever make it true.

  • PaulMaddux

    Can evolution and creationism coexist?