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Jeb Bush Becomes Latest Republican To Admit Trickle-Down Economics Is A Scam


It’s no secret that the only “plan” Republicans really have to address job creation is to push for deregulation and cut taxes – two things that have unequivocally proven time and time again that they have almost nothing to do with creating jobs. If tax cuts and deregulation actually led to strong economic success, Bush’s […]

PC Police Out Of Control In Possibly The Most Absurd Story I’ve Ever Come Across


I pride myself on being someone on the left who’s not afraid to call out those on “my side” whenever they’re being completely and utterly idiotic – especially when it comes to the often ludicrous, overly sensitive politically correct wing that seems determined to bitch and whine about damn near anything. Take for instance a […]

Here’s A Whole List Of Reasons Why Mike Huckabee Will Never Be President


Former Fox News host and Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee announced today that he’ll make an announcement on whether he’ll run for Pastor President of the United States in his home state on May 5th. But make no mistake about it, if he does choose to run (which is looking highly likely), Huckabee will simply be […]

Whoops: Ron Paul Inadvertently Calls Out Rand Paul’s Fear-Mongering (Video)


I’ve never understood the obsession some people have with Ron Paul. I remember back in 2012 when he was running for president, these “Paulbots” were everywhere declaring that he was the only candidate who could save the country. The truth is, Ron Paul is pretty much just a glorified conspiracy theorist. While he’s not quite […]

Ridiculous Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert Compares Himself To MLK


If at all possible I avoid discussing racism with conservatives like the plague. Using facts and rational thought to discuss the very real problem of racism in this country (especially as it pertains to the GOP) is about as useful as speaking Chinese to try to communicate with a panda bear. Republicans will swear up […]

Jon Stewart Ruthlessly Shreds Dick Cheney’s Hypocrisy On Iran (Video)


In my opinion, Dick Cheney is one of the most detestable and corrupt people on this planet. While George W. Bush gets most of the blame for the debacle that was his eight years in the White House, Cheney was clearly one of the biggest influences behind one of the most incompetent administrations in our […]

Ted Cruz’s Father: If Hillary Clinton Is Elected, Kiss The United States Goodbye (Video)


By now most people are well aware that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced his candidacy for president a few weeks back. While the news came as a shock to almost no one, it did “officially” began the Texas senator’s campaign. I was actually discussing with a friend the other day how terrifying it is to […]

Dear Religious Right: The Republican Party Is Playing You For Fools

Photo credit: Andrew Harnik—AP

While Republicans often like to act like they’re for “religious freedom,” the truth is the GOP couldn’t care less about religion. The Republican party uses Christianity as a tool to manipulate millions of Americans by playing on irrational fears often linked to their religious beliefs. History shows us that one of the single most effective […]

Yes, Hillary Clinton Will Be A Better President For Liberals Than Elizabeth Warren

Image via Getty

One of my biggest issues with liberals lately has been this belief that Hillary Clinton is terrible and our only salvation for liberalism is Senator Elizabeth Warren – even though Warren has said repeatedly that she’s not going to run for president. Listen, I love Elizabeth Warren. She is probably my favorite politician. But the bottom line is, her […]

Country Collectively Gasps In Shock As Congress Passes Actual Bipartisan Common Sense Bill


How ineffective has our Congress become? So ineffective that when both sides actually manage to work together to pass a common sense piece of legislation, it’s become “newsworthy.” Not that passing any sort of major bill isn’t worthy of making news, but the “story” coming from the recent passage of an overhaul to Medicare isn’t […]