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New Allegations Might Signal the Beginning of the Downfall of Fox News

When the story broke a few weeks ago regarding former Fox News employee Gretchen Carlson accusing now-former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, I told everyone that this was probably just the beginning of a situation that was about to get really ugly for the network. The same day that story broke, it was also […]

Mother of Late Ambassador Chris Stevens Slams ‘Opportunistic’ Republicans, Donald Trump

Despite the fact that every Benghazi-linked conspiracy theory has been soundly debunked (even by Republican-led investigations), that hasn’t stopped Republicans and their presidential candidate Donald Trump from continuing to use the attack as a way to slander Hillary Clinton. Even at the Republican National Convention, they disgustingly brought out the mother of one of the […]

Let Me Address This Ridiculousness Surrounding the DNC Email Hack ‘Controversy’

In my writing I mention the term “confirmation bias” quite often. If you’re unaware of what that means, it’s basically defined as the tendency for people to seek out information which confirms something they already want to believe. It doesn’t matter if that information is factual, or even logical, just as long as it feeds […]

Convention TV Ratings Show Trump’s Popularity Isn’t Nearly As Amazing As He’d Like You To Think It Is

One thing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump likes to do is brag about himself any chance he gets. Whether it’s his supposed wealth, his polling numbers, the size of a crowd or how many votes he received during the GOP primary (though he always fails to mention that more people actually voted against him than for him), […]

While Trying to Bash Obama, Trump Actually Ends Up Proving How Awful George W. Bush Was

Even though it’s been eight years since George W. Bush was in office, we are still trying to overcome all the damage his incompetency inflicted upon this nation. Republicans scoff at the idea that Bush is still to blame for some of the issues we’re currently having to deal with, but just because he left office doesn’t mean […]

In Brilliant Letter, Lifelong Republican Resigns From Position After Donald Trump Nomination

Donald Trump’s rise from a joke candidate to the Republican party’s presidential nominee has been one of the most “interesting” processes we’ve seen in modern political history. On one hand, he set a record for the number of votes received by any Republican candidate in history. On the other hand, more people actually voted against him than for […]

Following the Republican Convention, I’ve Never Been Prouder to be a Progressive

No matter how much Republicans might try to spin the 2016 Republican National Convention, there’s no denying that it was an absolute disaster. However, in a lot of ways it was the perfect type of convention for them to have considering they did just nominate Donald Trump as their presidential nominee. Words cannot really describe the circus […]

Here’s a Message For All Those Who Say There’s No Difference Between the Two Parties

Of all the things I hear in politics that absolutely infuriate me, having somebody tell me that “there’s no difference between the two major political parties” is, by far, one of the most irritating and asinine things I encounter quite often. Whenever I hear somebody actually say this to me, all I really hear them admitting to […]

Trump Campaign Chair: Women Support Him Because They Need Men Taking Care of Them (Video)

One of the biggest concerns I’ve had with the Donald Trump campaign is that there’s been so much vile, hateful ignorance emanating from it that it’s almost desensitized some folks to being offended by much of anything because offensive comments have become the “norm.” When you’ve called Mexican immigrants rapists; belittled a war hero; mocked a man with […]

Here are the Two Biggest Things That Stood Out From Ted Cruz’s Shocking Convention Speech

When I first heard that Texas Senator Ted Cruz had accepted a slot to speak at the GOP presidential convention, I slammed him for being a coward who sold out to bow down and “kiss the ring” of someone who he clearly cannot stand. Someone who had mocked his wife’s looks, raised questions about his […]