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Here’s Why, as a Clinton Supporter, I’m Glad Sanders is Staying in Until the End

While there are some die-hard Bernie Sanders supporters out there who think he can still catch Hillary Clinton to become the Democratic presidential candidate, most realize that this race is pretty much all but over. After Sanders went 0-5 on March 15th, the writing was clearly on the wall. Then after a rather sound defeat […]

Donald Trump’s Politifact Scorecard is Horrifically (and Hilariously) Terrible

While there’s no sure-fire way to rate the overall honesty of a politician, Politifact is regarded by most rational and level-headed individuals as one of the more reliable (and in-depth) fact-checking organizations out there. After all, they have won a Pulitzer Prize. I have found moments where their “ratings” (or conclusion of the truthfulness of […]

Sexist Anti-Equality GOP Rep. Humiliated After “Gotcha Amendment” Actually Passes (Video)

While politics plays a very important aspect in all of our lives, the act of governing can be, at times, incredibly juvenile and childish. If you ever want to see how ridiculous it can all be, go on YouTube and watch a few things get debated in Congress. Some of the things that get said […]

5 Reasons Why Ted Cruz Picking Carly Fiorina for VP is One of the Saddest Moments in Political History

For the first time ever, Ted Cruz made me laugh yesterday. I was actually walking through a grocery store when I got the notification that Cruz had officially picked Carly Fiorina as his VP candidate. At that moment I instantly started chuckling. I had heard the rumors, but it wasn’t until it was official that I […]

Here’s Why Carly Fiorina Might Be One of the Most Despicable Republicans Alive Today

The big news of the day was Sen. Ted Cruz choosing former HP CEO and GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina as his VP pick – even though he’s unlikely to actually win the Republican nomination. His selection makes some sense (in an extremely desperate kind of way), but it’s also rather confusing as well. While there are […]

Rachel Maddow Crushes First Signs of Donald Trump’s ‘General Election Self-Implosion’ (Video)

Tuesday night was a huge night for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. While neither candidate officially won their party’s nomination, both made it practically impossible for anyone to beat them – especially Clinton, whose lead is all but insurmountable at this point. For Trump, there’s still the possibility that the party could “steal” the nomination from him at the […]

Thanks to Samantha Bee, Georgia Passes Important Law to Help Protect Rape Victims (Video)

If you follow my writing at all, you’re probably aware that I’ve become a huge fan of Samantha Bee’s new show on TBS, Full Frontal. I’ve called it a mix between Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight – but with Bee’s own hilarious style and flair. Well, a few weeks ago she absolutely tore into Georgia […]

Bernie Sanders Defeats Hillary Clinton in Rhode Island

While it’s the second smallest of the five states that went to the polls this evening in terms of population, Rhode Island is still a state that was important – especially for Bernie Sanders, as it was the only state where polls showed him as the favorite. Well, good news for his campaign as it seems […]

Hillary Clinton Scores Another Huge Victory, Wins Pennsylvania Primary

While all election days are big, today was especially so considering five states (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Delaware) all headed to the polls. That means a good chunk of delegates are on the line tonight for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Without a doubt, Pennsylvania’s 189 delegates are the biggest “prize” of the evening. […]

Hillary Clinton’s Good Night Continues As She’s Declared Winner of Delaware

With five states going to the polls tonight, anyone who covers or follows politics knew this was going to be a rather eventful night. Especially this late into the primary election where we’ve reached a make or break moment for many candidates. Well, continuing a great evening for Hillary Clinton, it looks like she’s the […]