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Dear Conservatives: Facts Prove You’ve Been Wrong About Damn Near Everything

A while back, I wrote an article where I pointed out how conservatives have been on the wrong side of practically every major event in United States history. I want to make sure I emphasize conservatives – not Republicans – because as I’ve also pointed out, the ideologies of the two parties switched during the 50’s and […]

Donald Trump and ISIS Have a Lot More in Common Than His Supporters Want to Admit

Before people have an Internet meltdown, I’m not saying Donald Trump is “just like ISIS.” What I do want to look at, however, is the similarity in tactics used to manipulate their brainwashed supporters. In that regard, yes, Trump shares many of the same traits as ISIS. Then again, nearly all pathological-lying, authoritarian dictators share […]

5 Reasons Why I Believe Russia Has Information to Compromise & Blackmail Trump

As most of us know, one of the biggest controversies swirling around right now concerns a report put together by a former MI6 British spy who was first hired by Republicans, then later Democrats, that alleges Putin has information he plans to use to blackmail and compromise Donald Trump. On their own, these allegations would be incredibly alarming. […]

Donald Trump is Awful, but One of His Closest Advisers Might Even be Worse (Video)

Most of us know that Donald Trump is an absolutely horrific human being and an embarrassment to this country. That being said, an argument could easily be made that his former campaign manager, and now top advisor, Kellyanne Conway is just as bad – if not worse – than the incompetent menace. After all, what’s worse: A vile, […]

Fox News Pathetically Tries to Troll Jesse Jackson — Fails Miserably (Video)

Throughout all the talk about “fake news,” propaganda, conspiracies and the misinformation that floods the Internet, I think it’s important for everyone to remember the network that really started all of that: Fox News. Of course, when I use the term “news” while describing what American’s most-watched conservative entertainment network does, I use that term […]

Trump Goes on Desperate Twitter Rant Trying to Distract People From His Growing List of Scandals

Knowing the type of lowlife Donald Trump is, I wasn’t shocked to see him take to Twitter on Friday morning to attack the credibility of the reports linking him to possible treason, and laughably bring up Hillary Clinton’s emails. Obviously this was his pathetic attempt to deflect to Clinton while hoping that these tweets would distract people from […]

Here are 10 Reasons Why I Believe Donald Trump Has Committed Treason

While most within the mainstream media won’t use the “T-word,” I’ve maintained for quite a while now that I fully believe it’s reasonable to use it when discussing Donald Trump, Russia and whether or not he’s colluded with an enemy who attacked us. There’s a phrase that’s commonly used by many called the “eyeball test.” What […]

Reality Check: Trump is Everything Negative and Corrupt He Accuses Others of Being

It’s not uncommon for unethical, unscrupulous liars to project who they are onto other people. This sort of behavior typically serves as a means of deflection to put an opponent on the defensive. However, I’ve never seen this tactic used as often as I have with Donald Trump. In fact, if you look at most of the attacks Trump uses […]

Chuck Todd Perfectly Describes One of the Most Dangerous Aspects About Donald Trump (Video)

In case you missed it, Donald Trump held his first “press conference” today as president-elect. I use the term “press conference” very loosely because this train wreck was really nothing more than Trump picking and choosing what questions he wanted to answer, pushing more of his fictional propaganda, and trying to bully journalists (in particular, CNN) […]

There’s One Simple Reason Why It’s Pointless to Try to Reason with a Trump Supporter

I’m sure everyone reading this has experienced the painful task of trying to debate and/or reason with a supporter of Donald Trump at some point or another. It’s an experience that often leaves me feeling as if I’ve just spoken with someone who’s either been brainwashed by a cult or is legitimately crazy. In all my years debating […]