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Donald Trump Humiliated as Hillary Clinton Absolutely Tramples Him During First Debate

Tonight’s debate was possibly the most anticipated political event in modern political history. I’ve followed and analyzed politics for many years and I’ve never seen a presidential debate with as much anticipation as tonight’s first face-to-face “battle” between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I wouldn’t say this was everything many thought it would be (aka […]

Here’s How Trump Could Get Crushed by Clinton in the Debate but Still Be Declared ‘The Winner’

The first presidential debate is finally upon us. It’s an event that many are saying will shatter ratings records as possibly the most anticipated debate in decades. In an election year that’s been one of the ugliest in U.S. history, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will finally be face to face. For months I’ve said […]

Fantastic New Study Exposes Stunning Reality of How Much More Dishonest Trump is Than Clinton

Yes Trump supporters, I know — Politico is nothing but a “liberal rag” that’s “in the tank for Hillary Clinton” trying to help her get elected — we all know how this goes. Any and all information that isn’t rubber stamped by Donald Trump, his campaign or the conservative media that’s critical of your candidate […]

Trump Campaign Manager Looks Ridiculous Defending Gennifer Flowers Debacle (Video)

While there have been a lot of very low moments during the 2016 presidential election, few were as nauseating as the move Donald Trump clearly tried to pull by inviting former Bill Clinton mistress Gennifer Flowers to the first presidential debate in response to Hillary Clinton’s campaign inviting Mark Cuban. To be fair, clearly Clinton’s […]

Here’s My Tale of the Night I Debated a Religious Hypocrite

The other day I was out with my friend and his friend, let’s call them Jeff and Kate, having a couple of drinks, hanging out and talking about various topics. After a little while religion was brought up, at which point Kate informed me that she’s Hindu. Well, being that Hindus often don’t eat meat, […]

Translating Donald Trump: Analyzing the Idiotic Things He Says vs. What He Actually Means

During a speech last December, Donald Trump declared that he has “the best words” in a statement that sounded as if it was written by a 4th grader: I went to an Ivy League school. I’m very highly educated. I know words, I have the best words. I have the best. Even when Trump is […]

Newsweek Exposes Trump Either Committed Perjury or Lied About Trying to Bribe Jeb Bush

Without a doubt, Donald Trump is the biggest con man to ever run for president. When we’re discussing the dishonesty of politicians, very few score exceptionally well in that regard. However, there’s lying the way most politicians lie — then there’s lying the Trump way. Most political lies are based upon a twisting of the […]

U.S. Intelligence Officials Investigating Another Trump Link to Russian Government, DNC Hacks

While the media continues to ask the same questions about Hillary Clinton’s emails that have been answered and discussed countless times over the past year, even though nothing unethical or corrupt has been linked to any of it, the list showing Donald Trump’s links to pro-Russian interests continues to grow — yet you hardly hear a […]

Ted Cruz Gets Deservedly Blasted on Twitter Following Donald Trump Endorsement

When I saw the news that Sen. Ted Cruz was going to finally endorse Donald Trump, I wasn’t remotely surprised. While Trump has become the “face” for the worst parts of the GOP, I still think Cruz is much… much worse. So I wasn’t shocked when I heard that after he created his little spectacle during […]

Trump-Supporting GOP Congressman Calls Vets ‘Moochers’ Who ‘Pretend’ to Need Help (Video)

One thing I’ve learned in life is that you don’t question how people cope with trauma, grief or even mental illness. While it’s good to want to help those who might be suffering from some sort of personal or physical issues, you can’t really tell someone trying to overcome something how they should or shouldn’t […]