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One Month Later: Here’s a List of Embarrassing Crap Trump Has Already Done

Being that it’s December 8th, we’re now officially one month removed from Donald Trump’s electoral college win over Hillary Clinton. I want to make sure to emphasize electoral college, because Trump’s going to lose the overall popular vote by around 3-4 million votes. So, while he won — this whole talk of him winning some sort of […]

Leading GOP Senator Admits Republicans Spent Years Conning Millions of Conservatives

Before he was even elected, President Obama’s promise to reform the health care industry brought about some of the most over-the-top sensationalized fear-mongering from Republicans I’ve seen in all my years following politics. From the standard “government takeover of health care,” to the ridiculous notion that there would be death panels and mandatory microchips, we’ve […]

Here’s Why Trump’s ‘Air Force One’ Tweet is the Perfect Example of His Total Incompetence

It hasn’t even been a full month since Donald Trump became “president-elect,” but he’s already provided us numerous examples of exactly what kind of circus-like nightmare we’re all headed for over the next four years. In case you missed it, on Tuesday, Trump sent out a rather strange tweet where he attacked Boeing for the “out of […]

What Republicans Won’t Admit: Trump’s Biggest Economic Promise is Based on Socialism

Is Donald Trump a socialist? Well, yeah — he is. After all, this is a man who claims to be worth billions who also bragged about not paying taxes for nearly two decades. Talk about a case of taxpayer-funded corporate welfare. But that’s a story for another time. For this article, my focus is on […]

In Less Than a Month, Trump Has Proven He’s Incompetent & Republicans are Spineless

Most rational people know that Republicans are absolute hypocrites and frauds. These are people who champion themselves as the party for “fiscal responsibility,” yet haven’t had a president from their party balance the budget in over 50 years. The GOP is the party that claims it’s for small government while often trying to pass laws […]

Donald Trump Has Once and For All Exposed Many Republicans as “Christian” Frauds

I’ve made no secret of my disdain concerning the Republican claim that they’re the party for “Christian values.” This is a party that pushes hate, fear, racism, bigotry and vilifies the poor while absurdly claiming that they’re “lovers and followers of Jesus Christ.” It’s all bullshit. You don’t have to be all that knowledgable about Christianity […]

There’s One Simple Reason Why Republicans Benefit Most From the Structure of Our Government

At the root of nearly every discussion concerning the flaws in our government lies the elephant in the room: Our Constitution.  While our Constitution is an amazing document that ultimately led to the creation of one of the most powerful societies in all of human history, the truth is, we’re still talking about a document […]

Republicans Damn Sure Won’t Admit the Truth About the Electoral College

No matter what anyone thinks about the electoral college, it does have a purpose. The Founding Fathers actually feared outright democracy because they believed an irrational “mob-like” mentality could possibly lead to more than 50 percent of voters electing a president who’d support policies that violated the Constitutional rights of Americans. Essentially it was a failsafe […]

Those Celebrating Donald Trump’s Carrier Move are Proving That They’re Mindless Sheep

On Wednesday, I had at least five of my Donald Trump-supporting friends text me to “rub it in my face” that he successfully negotiated a deal with Carrier to keep some of the planned 1,400 jobs they were going to outsource to Mexico in the United States. It was to be expected; after all, Trump was […]

Donald Trump’s Position on the Flag Tells a Much Bigger Story Than Just Constitutional Ignorance

Another day, another example where our future dictator president proved that his four years in office are going to be an absolute nightmare. Donald Trump is the mixture of a man who’s egotistical enough to be dangerous, but incompetent enough to be absolutely terrifying. On Tuesday, he proved my point yet again by tweeting out […]