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Trump’s Doc Makes a Fool Out of Himself on NBC News, Raising More Questions About Trump’s Health (Video)

One of the bigger stories Friday revolved around an interview Donald Trump’s doctor did with NBC News where he discussed the highly scrutinized “medical evaluation” he supposedly wrote for Trump last December. In it, he declared that the Republican presidential candidate would be the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency” if he were to […]

If the Truth About Hillary Clinton Was So Awful, Then Those Opposing Her Wouldn’t Lie So Often

People who are anti-Hillary Clinton love to point to all the “scandals” attached to her as “proof” that she’s unethical, crooked or untrustworthy. I’m quick to point out that, despite all these resources that have been spent (by both the left and the right) aimed at trying to bring her down, almost nothing her adversaries have levied against […]

Alex Jones Has a Meltdown After Hillary Clinton Uses His Own Words to Expose His Insanity (Video)

If I had to make a list of people I loathe the most, InfoWars’ Alex Jones would be near the top of the list. The “human walrus,” as I like to call him, is nothing more than a bottom-feeding conspiracy theorist who preys on ignorance, mental instability and paranoia. What’s so astonishing about someone who’s […]

In Amazing Speech, Clinton Crushes Trump’s Embrace of ‘Alt-Right’ White Nationalism

Because of the way Donald Trump has built his campaign, for the first time in decades, we’re seeing a massive resurgence among white supremacists in this country. While the election of President Obama in 2008 obviously led to racism becoming more publicly accepted within the GOP, most of it still remained subtly disguised. It wasn’t until […]

Panel Erupts into Laughter as Top Trump Surrogate Struggles to Defend Immigration Flip-Flop (Video)

While I consider myself someone who understands politics fairly well, for the life of me I don’t get how Katrina Pierson has remained as one of Donald Trump’s top spokespeople. I could understand if she were simply some random supporter who did interviews once in a while. But she’s not just some random supporter — […]

Terrorized Texas Couple’s Dog Killed, Car Destroyed Because They Support Hillary Clinton (Video)

Most people who follow me know that I’m a born and bred Texan who’s lived in the state my entire life. Many have asked me how, as a progressive, I keep my sanity in a very red state. Typically I tell them that it’s really not that difficult. In fact, I think being a progressive in […]

Bigotry Isn’t Paying Off: New Poll Shows NC Governor Falling Way Behind Democratic Challenger

By now I’m sure most people are aware of the highly controversial anti-LGBT law (the “bathroom” law) North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R) signed a few months ago. While there are several facets to the law, the main thing it did was make it illegal for any town or city to pass laws that protect […]

Here’s Why the Media is Desperately Trying to Push Anti-Clinton Conspiracies

I know it’s popular to attack the mainstream media, but I usually give them the benefit of the doubt because I don’t really blame them — I blame us. As consumers, cable news networks (and practically all media entities that generate revenue) are only giving us what we tell them we want — via website traffic, […]

Karl Rove Humiliates Himself on Fox News Pushing Hillary Clinton Health Conspiracies (Video)

Throughout my life I’ve often found that a person’s body language can be a better indicator of what someone actually means than the words that they say. Especially in a situation where someone can’t really say what’s truly on their mind, their body language can end up being a great indicator of their true thoughts. […]

In New Conspiracy Email, Trump’s Campaign Once Again Proves It’s Completely Incompetent

An email Donald Trump’s campaign recently sent out attempts to perpetuate the absurd belief by anti-Clinton people who often say that CNN stands for the “Clinton News Network.” This sort of rhetoric is also part of Trump’s on-going push to claim that this year’s election will be “rigged” and the media is playing a big part in helping Hillary […]