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I’m Sorry Sanders Supporters, but Bernie is Being Fairly Hypocritical on a Few Things

While I have been critical of some of Bernie Sanders’ tactics over the past year, I still do think he’s a good guy who has a lot of great intentions. I don’t agree with all of his policy stances, but I do agree with most of them. If he ended up being the Democratic nominee this […]

This Memorial Day, Republicans Have No Right to Claim They Respect Our Fallen Soldiers

I could write several books about nothing more than why I oppose the Republican party and almost everything for which they stand. While I don’t disagree with everything, the party has become an embarrassment to this country. Even as someone who follows politics as closely as I do, it still boggles my mind how so many people […]

Marco Rubio’s Apology to Donald Trump is Pathetic and Flat-Out Embarrassing

I get it, during presidential campaigns emotions get high and candidates say and do things that they don’t mean. These are grueling contests often decided by who’s the best at attacking and putting down their opponents. Unfortunately, that’s just how it works nowadays. However, there are lines you can cross where there ends up being no […]

Breaking Down the Honesty Ratings of Clinton, Sanders and Trump Compared to President Obama

For months I’ve been saying that if Donald Trump becomes our next president, he will have done so by being one of the most dishonest candidates in United States history. When I say that almost nothing he says is actually true, I’m not using hyperbole — nearly everything he says really is a lie. So […]

Enough! Stop Making Excuses for Why People Support Donald Trump

I’ve reached my limit with people trying to make excuses for why there are so many conservatives in this country who’ve fallen in love with Donald J. Trump. From media pundits to guests on shows like Bill Maher’s Real Time, there are some in this country (typically those who are conservatives themselves) who’ve gone to great […]

Here are 8 Ways Donald Trump Blatantly Treats His Supporters Like Morons

Even though he’s going to be the GOP nominee, it’s still difficult for me to take Donald Trump seriously. Not because I don’t think he’d be a horrific disaster for this country, but because his whole campaign has been such an absurd cartoon-ish spectacle it’s sometimes difficult for me to believe this hasn’t been one really […]

Republican Louie Gohmert Embarrasses Nation with Comically Insane Anti-LGBT Rant (Video)

While the fight for true equality for the LGBT community is still far from over, it’s fairly obvious to most rational people that the “writing is on the wall,” as they say. Sure, Republicans are going to do everything they can to prolong the process for as long as possible, but all they’re really doing […]

After Backing Out of Debate with Sanders, Trump Proves Once and For All What a Fraud He Really Is

Let’s face it, while many of us were rather excited at the prospect of a cross-party debate between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, we all knew it was probably never going to happen. Either the two parties would have done something to prevent it from happening, no one would offer to pay the $10 million […]

Twitter Hilariously Erupts with #ChickenTrump Tweets After He Cowardly Ducks Sanders Debate

The moment the news broke that there was a “tentative agreement” between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump to potentially have a debate, the political world went into a bit of a frenzy debating the merits of such an event and even the possible ramifications of it actually happening. I think in the back of our […]

Donald Trump’s Campaign: The American People are Too Stupid to See Tax Returns

For the second presidential election in a row, we’re facing a situation where a Republican candidate is being rather shady about his tax returns. While Mitt Romney eventually released a few back in 2012, Donald Trump seems determined not to release any – which would break a precedent set by essentially every presidential candidate for […]