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Ted Cruz is in Big Trouble With Jewish Groups Over Highly Controversial Endorsement

As I’ve said several times over the last few months, while Donald Trump might make most of the headlines for the seemingly endless stream of vile absurdity that spews from his mouth, Sen. Ted Cruz is still the most dangerous candidate running for president. He’s every bit as bad as Trump, just with a whole lot […]

Mississippi Republican Wants Legislation that Would Allow Science Teachers to Push Creationism

While presidential elections get most of the attention, the truth of the matter is state and local elections have a much bigger impact on most of our lives. This has been evident over the last several years as Republican state legislatures have continually worked to try to alter history books or push creationism into science classes. Well, […]

While Republicans Push For Idiocracy, Hillary and Bernie Put On Another Strong Debate

With primary season in full swing, things are about to get a whole lot more hectic as we’re just a couple of days removed from Bernie Sanders’s large win in New Hampshire and we’re already at the debate that will take us into Nevada on February 20th. While I know many pundits like to make […]

No, The DNC Didn’t Sabotage Bernie Sanders’ Campaign with a Delegate Conspiracy

While the Internet has brought the world unbelievable advancements throughout the years, the downside is that it’s also increased the amount of misinformation that gets passed off as “fact” and quickly becomes “truth” to those who choose to believe everything they read or see on a meme. In today’s world, all that’s required for a […]

Bad News From Iowa and New Hampshire Must be a Wake Up Call for Progressives

In politics there’s always a great deal of hyperbole, hype and rhetoric that’s said but not always true. In fact, one of the biggest challenges I face these days is making sure what people believe is factual rather than misinformed propaganda pushed on the Internet by people who either don’t care about the truth or […]

Bernie Sanders vs. Ron Paul: The Tale of a Real Political Revolution vs a Fake One

People who follow me know I’m not a fan of libertarians. I don’t despise them as individuals, but as a collective I loathe the naive idiocy of their political beliefs. These are folks who somehow think giving more power to the people who are corrupting our government will make them behave more ethically. Who in their right […]

New Hampshire Was a Bigger Disaster for Marco Rubio Than Most Might Realize

While the media is going to hype up the results of the New Hampshire primary for the next few days, the bottom line is the Granite State is not exactly a place where many eventual presidents perform well. In fact, no candidate from either party has won the New Hampshire primary and gone on to […]

Donald Trump Wins New Hampshire Republican Primary, Kasich Finishes Second

When it came to the New Hampshire primary, there really wasn’t a great deal of drama like we saw in Iowa. For weeks polls had indicated that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were headed for fairly easy victories. Unlike Iowa where polling results were much more competitive headed into last Monday, adding some doubt over […]

Bernie Sanders Projected Winner of New Hampshire Democratic Primary

Heading into tonight’s New Hampshire primary, there wasn’t really a great deal of doubt as to which candidate would win this evening. For weeks Bernie Sanders had led Hillary Clinton by double-digits in most polls, plus he’s from neighboring Vermont, so it really wasn’t a matter of if Sanders would win – just by how much. For […]

6 Things to Look For in Tonight’s New Hampshire Primary

With today being the big day for New Hampshire’s primary, much of the nation’s attention is on the Granite State to see which candidate from each party will emerge victorious. Though even beyond just the winners, there are a multitude of stories swirling around how everything plays out tonight. Often how you finish, even in […]