Alabama Town Forces Pastor to Stop Feeding Homeless, Says $500 Permit Required (VIDEO)

rick-woodIn a day and age where there’s so many negative stories about religion, church and those involved, it’s frustrating to read a story about a pastor trying to do some good and getting shut down for his efforts.

Pastor Rick Wood of The Lord’s House of Prayer in Oneonta, Alabama has made a habit out of taking hotdogs and bottled water in his truck to feed the homeless.  Awesome, right?  A pastor of a church actually doing something that reflects the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Well, as it turns out, the town of Oneonta has apparently passed a new city ordinance that requires “food trucks” to obtain a permit (which costs as much as $500) if they want to sell food.  And apparently a pastor of a church giving food to homeless people out of his truck somehow qualifies him as a “food truck trying to sell food.”

Here’s an interview he did with the local news:

Now I’m not an expert on food trucks, but I think common sense dictates that there’s a difference between a truck selling food for profit and a pastor of a church trying to feed the homeless.  It’s just unfortunate that common sense seems to be a quality that’s sorely lacking in society nowadays.

“That makes me so mad,” Wood said in an interview with ABC 33/40 News. “These people are hungry. They’re starving. They need help from people. They can’t afford to buy something from a food truck.”

Pastor Wood claims it’s an effort by the city to drive the homeless away.

Which is believable because you’ve seen other towns pass laws that seek to drive the homeless away, including a town in Florida which banned the use of blankets by its homeless residents.

It’s stuff like this which infuriates me.  It’s hard enough for these people being homeless without these towns passing laws that target those who try to help the homeless, with the hopes that the laws will drive the homeless out and they can then become “somebody else’s problem.”

As for Pastor Wood, I applaud him for his efforts and for being a leader of a church who leads by example, not just shallow gospel.

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  • Brad Jines

    This is going on in St. Louis right now….volunteers and churches that have for decades been feeding the homeless hot meals and delivering hot sandwiches to homeless hangouts, are facing fines for not having all volunteers ‘certified’ food handlers through the Public Health Dept. ….The city of st. louis has been controlled by the democratic party for over 50 years.

  • Leigh1981

    The term “Christian” actually came into being AFTER Jesus died. Christians usually focus on a specific way of “believing” (a specific theology about God), and their goal is to evangelize the whole world and make it believe specific ideas just like they do. Most of these ideas center around believing things about the birth and death of Jesus.

    On the other hand, “disciples of Jesus” usually focus on following the teachings and life-lessons of Jesus. This is in a BIG way focused on love…since love is in the two greatest commands. They feed the hungry, help the poor, they advocate for the orphans and widows, and fellowship with the outcasts.

    There is a BIG difference.

    The Spanish Inquisition and Manifest destiny were both products of “Christianity”. Also, a census was done and Nazi Germany was 97% Christian during the time of the Holocaust when millions of Jews and Gypsies were thrown into death camps. The other 3% were….Jews and Gypsies.

  • David Shaw Jr

    All part of the effort to shame, stigmatize, and ostracize homeless people.