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Glenn Beck Wants You To Know People Like Him Are The Real Victims Of Discrimination (Video)

Out of all of the right-wing, conservative and just plain way-out-there figures in the media today, I have to say that I like Glenn Beck the most. You heard that right, I enjoy Glenn Beck even more than that … [Read More...]


Viva Cuba! Viva Democracy! Finally

In updating our long-standing policy of aggression with our next door neighbor Cuba, President Obama is doing something historic and significant. Cuba will now finally be open for US citizens to visit for any … [Read More...]


Jon Stewart Rips Fox News’ Sean Hannity for Trying to Demean Black Role Model (Video)

I've often said that Fox News needs to change its name to Fox Conservative Entertainment, because that's what it is. It's not news, it's just right-wing entertainment masquerading as news. The entire network is … [Read More...]


Cleveland Police Union Head Tries Desperately to Defend Tamir Rice Shooting (Video)

Anyone who follows me knows that I don't follow the "liberal line" when it comes to these police shootings. And by that I mean, I just don't shout "Racism!" followed by an endless stream of anti-police … [Read More...]

Missouri state representative Rick Brattin.

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Need An Abortion In Missouri? Rep. Rick Brattin Wants You To Get Permission First

Hey y'all, remember Todd Akin, the creepy guy who sunk his own campaign a couple of years back by making remarks about "legitimate rape"? Remember how we thought "well, certainly no Republican in his right … [Read More...]


Absurd Fox News Host Tries to Attack Elizabeth Warren, Defend Wall Street (Video)

Last week Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) gave a speech on the Senate floor that many conservatives have had a hard time attacking. Because the corruption that's rampant within many of these big banks, and all … [Read More...]


Republican Governor Bill Haslam Embraces Obamacare, Sort Of

While the long fight by Republicans to defund and repeal the Affordable Care Act (also known as "Obamacare") goes on, at least one Republican governor has decided to embrace it. No, there wasn't a sudden … [Read More...]


Gun Nuts Are Once Again Proving Their Stupidity by Trying to Use Sydney Hostage Situation to Promote Guns

By now most people are well aware of the hostage situation that recently occurred in Sydney, Australia. When I first heard about this story I just hoped that everything would turn out well. I never thought in a … [Read More...]


Embarrassing Annual Nielsen Ratings Show Just How Poorly Fox News Does with Black Viewers

It's no secret that Republicans have a big problem when it comes to attracting minorities, specifically African-Americans. While they'll try to paint themselves as the "party of Lincoln" (even if reality tells … [Read More...]


Jon Stewart Crushes Dick Cheney’s Comments on Torture Report, Says ‘Thank You’ to George W. Bush (Video)

I'm really not one of these far-left "let's try the whole Bush administration for war crimes" individuals. But when it comes to Dick Cheney, I really don't know how this man is not on trial for war crimes. … [Read More...]

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Creationist Theme Park Throwing Hissy Fit After Being Denied Tax Breaks for Trying to Discriminate Against Employees

First let me start off by saying that the "theme park" being built in Kentucky by the religious radical group led by Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, shouldn't be getting any kind of tax breaks, subsidies or … [Read More...]

Image credit: Fernando Botero

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: It TORTURES Pastor Pillow, It Really Does

Hi, I’m Pastor Pillow! I know you can’t see me behind the interrogation window—heck, how could you see me at all with that burlap bag over your head? Ha-ha! Just a little Enhanced Interrogation Technique … [Read More...]

“Christian” Homophobe Kirk Cameron’s Movie “Saving Christmas” Sets Humiliating Mark for Futility

“Christian” Homophobe Kirk Cameron’s Movie “Saving Christmas” Sets Humiliating Mark for Futility

It's that time of year where many right-wing Americans talk endless about their trumped-up "war on Christmas" that seems to only exist in their own minds. They seem to think there's some coordinated effort to … [Read More...]

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Right Off A Cliff


Obama’s Genius Shines Through Following Cuba Decision as the GOP Probably Ruined its Chances in 2016

A few weeks back I wrote an article stating my belief that one of the biggest issues Republicans have with President Obama (aside from the pigment of his skin) is that he's simply too intelligent for most … [Read More...]


George W. Bush Was the Perfect Republican President

While most conservatives cite Ronald Reagan as the "ultimate Republican," I just don't see it that way at all. Because when I think of the president who best represents Republicans, the first name that comes to … [Read More...]


The CIA Torture Report Cements George W. Bush’s Legacy as One of the Worst Presidents in U.S. History

While it's something most liberals, progressives and Democrats (and even many conservatives) have said for a while, the recent release of the "CIA torture report" has cemented George W. Bush's legacy as one of … [Read More...]


When It Comes to the Debate on Racism, Both Liberals and Conservatives Get it Wrong

I have to confess, I absolutely loathe talking about racism. Not because it's not a topic that needs to be discussed, but because most people really don't want to have an honest conversation about it. What most … [Read More...]


Conservative Hypocrisy is on Full Display Following Release of CIA Torture Report

Conservative hypocrisy is one of the most comical things I witness nearly every day in this "business" of political media. Republicans are the ones who call themselves the "party for fiscal responsibility," yet … [Read More...]


Here’s the Real Reason Why Republicans Won’t Do Anything About Immigration Reform

Even though it hasn't been in the headlines much the last couple of weeks due to the ongoing debate over the Mike Brown and Eric Garner deaths, the controversy over President Obama's executive action on … [Read More...]

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