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While Trying to Bash the President, Ted Cruz Ends Up Proving GOP Economic Policies Don’t Work (Video)

I've made no secret of my belief that I think trickle-down economics is a giant con. It's a fairly brilliant con, but it's a con nonetheless. The entire premise behind this theory is that no matter if the … [Read More...]

Texas state rep. Molly White (R-Belton).

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TX State Rep. Molly White Wants Muslim Visitors To Pledge Allegiance Before Meeting With Her Staff

Over the last couple of weeks, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal was the torchbearer for the anti-Muslim fringe of the Republican Party as he repeated claims that even Fox News retracted regarding "no-go zones" … [Read More...]


Dem. Senator Blasts Republicans for Using Hearings to Benefit Fox News Propaganda (Video)

I used to look at Republicans as adults with whom I disagreed on many issues, but now they¬†behave more like spoiled, petulant children. It just seems like everything nowadays with the GOP is centered around … [Read More...]


Bill O’Reilly Forced To Explain How TV Works To Sarah Palin After She Whines That He Was Mean (Video)

Who would have ever thought that a single speech in Iowa would have been the thing that finally brought down tea party hero Sarah Palin. Granted, she's been a running joke for the majority of Americans for … [Read More...]


Nancy Grace Makes an Absolute Fool Out of Herself During Ridiculous Anti-Marijuana Tirade (Video)

I have absolutely no idea why Nancy Grace has her own show. I've literally never met a single person who claims to follow her in any sort of serious way, and I can't imagine who would view this woman as … [Read More...]


John Boehner Admits Congressional Republicans Have Been Inept At Getting Anything Done

One of the biggest problems I run across when dealing with politics is that the vast majority of Americans have no clue how our government works. Sure, most people can name who's president, but far fewer know … [Read More...]


Democrats Accuse Republicans Of Being Behind The Real Benghazi Cover-Up

Recently I wrote an article warning people about "passionate activists." But in that warning I didn't just mean activists, I meant any individual or group that is overly passionate about one particular thing. … [Read More...]


Watch: Bill Nye Mocks Deflategate, Tells Americans to ‘Give a F*ck’ About Climate Change

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last week or so, it's likely that you've heard about the now infamous "Deflategate" controversy swirling around the New England Patriots and the fact that 11 of … [Read More...]


Republican Congressman Makes Unbelievably Absurd Statements About Marijuana Legalization

Every once in a while I come across a story where I'm not even sure how to describe the stupidity that I just came across. This recently happened after Sarah Palin's Iowa Freedom Summit debacle where she gave a … [Read More...]


The Koch Brothers Plan To Spend Almost $900 Million On 2016 Elections

A lot is going to be at stake in 2016 and there's nothing more Republicans would love than to maintain control of Congress and pick up the White House at the same time. They are certainly going to be getting … [Read More...]

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Florida Woman Who Destroyed Satanic Display Claims Charges Against Her are an ‘Attack on Christians’ (Video)

Conservatives really don't understand our First Amendment. While they see "freedom of religion" as a right for Christians to force their religious beliefs on other people, it actually means the exact opposite. … [Read More...]

Mike Huckabee CPAC

Mike Huckabee: Obama Is Stomping On Christians

Mike Huckabee appeared on "AFA Today" to chat about his book, Guns, Gravy, Garden Gnomes, and Grappling Hooks, and spent a minute pointing out one of the many problems with the Obama administration. Speaking … [Read More...]


Pat Robertson Tells Viewer Her Daughter Is No Better Than A Serial Killer And Is Going To Hell (Video)

While I'm open about the fact that I am indeed a Christian, I'm also very vocal about my belief that those who look upon the Bible as a word-for-word depiction of true events are ridiculous. I've always … [Read More...]

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Right Off A Cliff


Republicans are Nothing More Than Cheerleaders for Hate, Ignorance and Intolerance

Sometimes I've joked that my life would have much simpler had I just been a Republican. Doesn't it just seem easier? Just grab a Bible; go to church 52 days a year; hang a flag at your home; go buy a gun; only … [Read More...]


Dear Michael Moore: You Should Really Learn When To Just Be Quiet

I'm willing to admit that once upon a time I was a pretty big fan of Michael Moore. I liked his work and his passion, even if I didn't always agree with everything he said or did. And for the most part, I still … [Read More...]


2016 is Shaping Up to Prove Just How Desperate the Republican Party has Become

In case you haven't heard, all signs are pointing to Mitt Romney running for president in 2016. Yes, the same Romney who orchestrated one of the worst campaigns in modern presidential history and really only … [Read More...]


Debunking 5 of the Biggest and Most Common Republican Lies

While there are many lies Republicans often perpetuate, there are some that are seemingly timeless. These are the ones that transcend whomever is president and will most likely never go away. Because as most … [Read More...]


6 Poll Results That Show Exactly Why Aliens Refuse To Talk To Us

During a discussion with a colleague of mine today I got reminded of all of the ridiculous things I've seen polls tell me that Americans actually believe. And while some of these polls might reveal that "only" … [Read More...]


It’s Time We Start Defining Ourselves by How We Act as Humans, Not Our Religions

There's really no way to beat around the bush on this one:¬†organized religion is idiotic. Human history is littered with horrific acts carried out "in the name of religion." It's never made sense to me why … [Read More...]

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