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MS Republican’s Response to Poor Woman Asking for Help for Sick Child is Appalling

It takes a lot to truly offend me. When you deal with politics as much as I do, you really do need to have pretty thick-skin, otherwise you're probably going to lose not only your faith in humanity -- but your … [Read More...]

Benghazi Ambassador Chris Stevens’ Family Just Made Donald Trump Look Like an Even Bigger Fool

On Tuesday, Republicans finally released the "findings" from their "investigation" into what happened on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya. The much-awaited report ultimately turned out to be nothing more … [Read More...]

Samantha Bee’s Take on Brexit and the Dangers of Donald Trump Was Brilliant (Video)

Even though it's been a few days since the Brexit vote shocked the world, I fully expected Samantha Bee to have plenty to say when her show Full Frontal aired on Monday. Being that she's not known as someone … [Read More...]

John Oliver Tells Americans Exactly What They Need to Hear About Donald Trump (Video)

I knew John Oliver was going to have plenty to say Sunday night in regards to the Brexit vote that will ultimately lead to Britain leaving the European Union -- and I was not disappointed. After … [Read More...]

Brand New Poll is an Embarrassing Disaster for Donald Trump

He spoke about them plenty during the Republican presidential primary, but you're not likely to hear Donald Trump praising many polls any time soon now that most of them show Hillary Clinton beating him in … [Read More...]

Green Party Hero Jill Stein Busted Trying to Cover Up Her Praise of Bigotry-Driven Brexit

I recently wrote an article where I called out Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein for posting a statement on her website that spoke very favorably of the bigotry-driven Brexit vote, calling it a … [Read More...]

Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Sides with Donald Trump, Praises Bigotry-Driven Brexit Vote

Update: Since this story was published, Jill Stein secretly changed her statement online without indicating she did so. What's posted now is not what her original statement was. While I admire the passion of … [Read More...]

Sarah Palin’s Insane Response to Brexit is a Horrifying Look Into Modern Day Conservatism

Yes, I know, many people reading this headline are already complaining about the fact I'm writing about something Sarah Palin said or did. While I know she's loathed, it's naive to discount the fact that, like … [Read More...]

Here are 7 of Donald Trump’s Biggest Lies During Ridiculous Anti-Hillary Clinton Speech

I'm not here to tell you that any politician is exactly all that honest or trustworthy. As I recently found out during my own "investigation" of sorts, when you compare the Politifact "honesty ratings" of … [Read More...]

Militia Leader, Cliven Bundy Supporter Arrested for Trying to Bomb Federal Building

I probably wouldn't have done this article under normal circumstances, but following the Orlando shooting the hypocrisy in how we view terrorists has been a topic many have been discussing. So, when I came … [Read More...]

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Stop Calling Donald Trump a Christian, Because He Damn Sure Isn’t One

There are a lot of things people can say about Donald Trump, but calling him a Christian shouldn't be one of them. Over the years I've grown increasingly annoyed with the phrase "Christian" being thrown around … [Read More...]

Parents Facing First-Degree Murder Charges After Trying to ‘Pray Away’ Child’s Type 1 Diabetes

I'll be honest, before today, I had actually never heard about the tragic story surrounding the death of 15-year-old Alex Radita. In case you hadn't heard about it, in 2013, Alex died weighing … [Read More...]

Republican Governor: Conservatives are Ready to be Crucified to Oppose Gay Rights (Video)

While the battle for true equality for the LGBT community is far from over, we've essentially reached the last stages where Republicans are now just mounting petty, last-ditch efforts to continue to cling to … [Read More...]

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Right Off A Cliff

After Final Benghazi Report, It’s Time We Demand Corrupt Republicans are Investigated

After Republicans finally released what will seemingly be their last report on Benghazi, I think it's time we demand that they now get investigated for this whole, pointless circus. For nearly four years we've … [Read More...]

Republicans Released Their Benghazi Report and It’s an Absolute Joke

Normally I would probably be angry right now, except this whole Benghazi witch hunt Republicans have been on for nearly four years has become such a joke that people stopped taking them seriously long ago. … [Read More...]

5 Reasons Why the Supreme Court’s Latest Abortion Ruling is a Humiliating Defeat for Republicans

Without a doubt the big news of Monday was the Supreme Court, in a 5-3 ruling, striking down Texas' highly restrictive anti-abortion laws. This was easily the biggest ruling on abortion in two decades, and it's … [Read More...]

It’s Time Sane Republicans Admit the Truth: They No Longer Have a Party

While I'm not a fan of Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Peter King, John Kasich or Lindsey Graham, I'll at least give them credit for being sane. Sure, I disagree with them on practically every major political … [Read More...]

I Would Like to Address Gun Fanatics & Their Ridiculous Pro-Gun Propaganda

I've reached my limit when it comes to people who can't even attempt to be the slightest bit rational or reasonable about sensible gun regulations. When I say "sensible," that does not mean I support … [Read More...]

Yes, the Brexit Vote Has a Lot in Common with Donald Trump & Should Terrify Us All

I didn't write anything about it, but I had a feeling that the Brexit vote was going to go the way the bigots, racists, radicals and fear-mongers wanted it to. Selling fear is much easier than trying to be … [Read More...]

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