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Marco Rubio’s Apology to Donald Trump is Pathetic and Flat-Out Embarrassing

I get it, during presidential campaigns emotions get high and candidates say and do things that they don't mean. These are grueling contests often decided by who's the best at attacking and putting down their … [Read More...]

Republican Louie Gohmert Embarrasses Nation with Comically Insane Anti-LGBT Rant (Video)

While the fight for true equality for the LGBT community is still far from over, it's fairly obvious to most rational people that the "writing is on the wall," as they say. Sure, Republicans are going to do … [Read More...]

Twitter Hilariously Erupts with #ChickenTrump Tweets After He Cowardly Ducks Sanders Debate

The moment the news broke that there was a "tentative agreement" between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump to potentially have a debate, the political world went into a bit of a frenzy debating the merits of such … [Read More...]

Donald Trump’s Campaign: The American People are Too Stupid to See Tax Returns

For the second presidential election in a row, we're facing a situation where a Republican candidate is being rather shady about his tax returns. While Mitt Romney eventually released a few back in 2012, Donald … [Read More...]

There’s a Better Way: Remarks to the South Carolina Democratic Party Executive Committee

Editor’s Note:  Please consider making an ActBlue contribution to Arik Bjorn’s South Carolina Congressional campaign against Joe “You Lie” Wilson.  Even a small contribution can make an enormous difference for … [Read More...]

Recent Data Debunks the Belief That Bernie Sanders Polls Great with Independents

If you've been following the Democratic presidential race at all, one talking point you're likely to have heard uttered often by the Bernie Sanders campaign and his supporters is how much better the senator … [Read More...]

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Essentially Agree to a California Debate

During an appearance with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night, Donald Trump did the usual late night talk show routine where he's jabbed by the host, talked a little bit about his personal life and rambled on about … [Read More...]

Wisconsin Republican in Court: Allowing More Access to Voting is Unfair, Long Lines are Good

Most rational people are well aware of the fact that these voter ID laws Republicans have been passing all across the country are nothing more than their attempt to try to "fix" elections by disenfranchising … [Read More...]

Sorting Through the Actual Facts Surrounding Hillary Clinton’s Email “Scandal”

A phrase I'm sure many of the folks reading this have heard of is something called "dog-whistle politics." The phrase itself can be used in different ways, but it generally means the practice of using one broad … [Read More...]

Samantha Bee Has a Few Choice Words for Bernie Sanders & Some of His Supporters (Video)

As a member of the "liberal/progressive" media, I learned very quickly that you're taking a risk any time you say anything remotely critical of Bernie Sanders. If you do, then you need to prepare yourself for … [Read More...]

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It’s Time We Put an End to the Republican Lie About Their “Christian Values”

It's rather comical that the party that champions itself as the party of "Christian values" has Donald Trump as the man who will eventually be their presidential nominee. It goes to show you the ignorance and … [Read More...]

Crazy Right-Wing Pastor’s Recent Comments Prove Why Churches Like His Should be Taxed (Video)

I'm a huge advocate of our American right to free speech. Even as vile and disgusting as the speech is from the likes of bottom-feeding parasites like the KKK or the Westboro Baptist Church, I absolutely feel … [Read More...]

Organized Religion: The Foundation of Many of Humanity’s Problems

There's a seemingly endless list of topics that are almost constantly debated upon, not just in the United States, but across the globe. While every country, culture and person is different - we're also … [Read More...]

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Right Off A Cliff

I’m Sorry Sanders Supporters, but Bernie is Being Fairly Hypocritical on a Few Things

While I have been critical of some of Bernie Sanders' tactics over the past year, I still do think he's a good guy who has a lot of great intentions. I don't agree with all of his policy stances, but I do agree … [Read More...]

This Memorial Day, Republicans Have No Right to Claim They Respect Our Fallen Soldiers

I could write several books about nothing more than why I oppose the Republican party and almost everything for which they stand. While I don't disagree with everything, the party has become an embarrassment to … [Read More...]

Enough! Stop Making Excuses for Why People Support Donald Trump

I've reached my limit with people trying to make excuses for why there are so many conservatives in this country who've fallen in love with Donald J. Trump. From media pundits to guests on shows like Bill … [Read More...]

Here are 8 Ways Donald Trump Blatantly Treats His Supporters Like Morons

Even though he's going to be the GOP nominee, it's still difficult for me to take Donald Trump seriously. Not because I don't think he'd be a horrific disaster for this country, but because his whole campaign … [Read More...]

After Backing Out of Debate with Sanders, Trump Proves Once and For All What a Fraud He Really Is

Let's face it, while many of us were rather excited at the prospect of a cross-party debate between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, we all knew it was probably never going to happen. Either the two parties … [Read More...]

5 Pros and Cons to a Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders Presidential Ticket

It was undeniable heading into the 2016 Democratic primary that there would be some talk about a potential Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders presidential ticket. Some people just like the thought and think that … [Read More...]

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