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Ben Carson Shockingly Unable to Answer a Simple Question About Our Debt

Out of all the political debates I've had over the last few years, perhaps none infuriated me more than the "controversy" over whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. I've experienced plenty of mind-numbing … [Read More...]

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KY GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Matt Bevin Accidentally Called For Drug Testing Seniors

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been the laughingstock of late night shows recently for his series of verbal flubs, like referring to Hungary as "Hungria" and discussing the "band on America." While … [Read More...]

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Wakulla County, Florida Residents Freak Out Over Muslims Praying On The Beach

A Florida county is freaking out over Muslims. Wakulla County (which is to the south of the state's capital of Tallahassee) is collectively losing it due to a photo of people praying on the beach. The photo was … [Read More...]


The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Verbally Annihilates ‘Batsh*t’ Crazy Ben Carson (Video)

While Donald Trump gets most of the attention, I'll be honest - I fear Ben Carson becoming president more than I do Trump. Both would undoubtedly be an absolute disaster if elected, but Carson is just flat-out … [Read More...]

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Bobby Jindal’s New Strategy? Be Worse Than Donald Trump

Bobby Jindal has made a big deal out of the fact that he has recently climbed a whopping two percentage points in the Iowa Republican polls. Jindal, who has been conspicuously absent from his job as governor of … [Read More...]

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BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy Abruptly Withdraws From House Speaker Race, GOP in Shambles

In a move that shocked pretty much everybody, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the person who the vast majority of people assumed was going to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House, has abruptly withdrawn his name … [Read More...]

Dr. Ben Carson Speaks at CPAC

Ben Carson Disparages Single Parents & LGBT Families: ‘Traditional’ Families are ‘Better’ for Raising Kids (Audio)

I consider myself a fairly knowledgable when it comes to politics. Not to say that I know everything (I clearly don't), but I do feel that I have a decent grasp on many aspects of our political … [Read More...]

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Congressman Alan Grayson Files Ethics Charge Over Benghazi Hearings

The Republican-led Benghazi committee is one of the longest-running special investigations by Congress in American history. At over 70 weeks, it has surpassed even the Watergate hearings which resulted in … [Read More...]


Dr. Ben Carson And Dr. Oz Are More Alike Than You Think

As Dr. Ben Carson has risen in the Republican polls, he's made a series of increasingly bizarre statements. In Pennsylvania, he's tied with billionaire Donald Trump and trails him by five points in Iowa. Carly … [Read More...]


Bill O’Reilly Calls Child Hunger a Myth, Goes On Disgusting Rant Against the Poor (Video)

Unless you've lived in poverty, you really have no idea what it's like. As someone who was raised in absolute poverty, I've never been able to truly convey what it's like to be poor. To live a life where you're … [Read More...]

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Bible for Tennessee story

Tennessee County Drafts Resolution Begging to be Spared from God’s Wrath

It's rare that I'm ever rendered speechless over something I've seen or read, but that's exactly what happened when I read a story out of Tennessee that seemed like it had to be some bizarre form of … [Read More...]


Ben Carson Calls Islam Intolerant, Belongs To A Very Intolerant Religion Himself

As the Donald Trump clown show slowly begins to exhibit signs of having peaked, Republicans have been busy trying to find the "serious" candidate they can rally support around. For a little while after the … [Read More...]


Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Whips Huckabee and The Donald Into Biblical Shape

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! First, I want to thank each and every one of you Republican Presidential Candidates for coming here today. Second, I suppose we should thank Brother Bear for allowing us to use his … [Read More...]

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Right Off A Cliff


5 Reasons Why Paul Ryan is One of the Most Despicable and Cowardly Members of Congress

While he's denied having any interest, I still can't shake this feeling that eventually Paul Ryan is going to cave due to massive pressure from the GOP and agree to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House. … [Read More...]


Paul Ryan is No Savior, He’s a Hypocrite and a Scumbag

Many politicians disgust me, but Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) takes things to another level as one of the biggest scumbags in Congress. That may seem harsh to some, especially considering we haven't heard much about … [Read More...]


It’s Time Sane Republicans Realize That They No Longer Have a Political Party

I'm not a fan of Republicans like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Peter King or Lindsey Graham, but I'll at least give them credit for being sane. Sure, I disagree with them on practically every major political … [Read More...]


5 Ways Republicans are Destroying the United States of America

While Republicans like to champion themselves as a party filled with super-patriots and America-loving constitutionalists fighting to preserve this country's greatness, that's not really what they are. In fact, … [Read More...]


5 Questions Republicans and Other Gun Nuts Must Answer About Mass Shootings

Over the last few days I've been inundated with asinine gun nuts regurgitating their normal pro-gun propaganda. Sadly, I've become used to these asinine comments because this sort of idiocy always follows mass … [Read More...]


You Cowards

In this country we seem to be completely incapable of having any sort of rational debate about our rampant gun violence. Any time the subject is brought up most people just "go to their corners" and start … [Read More...]

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