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More Information Indicates That Donald Trump Could Be One Of Our Biggest National Security Threats

While Donald Trump and his supporters will go to great lengths to dance around the truth, that doesn't change the reality of his incoming administration's numerous direct and indirect ties to Russia. The state … [Read More...]

Fox News Pathetically Tries to Troll Jesse Jackson — Fails Miserably (Video)

Throughout all the talk about "fake news," propaganda, conspiracies and the misinformation that floods the Internet, I think it's important for everyone to remember the network that really started all of that: … [Read More...]

Trump Goes on Desperate Twitter Rant Trying to Distract People From His Growing List of Scandals

Knowing the type of lowlife Donald Trump is, I wasn't shocked to see him take to Twitter on Friday morning to attack the credibility of the reports linking him to possible treason, and laughably bring up … [Read More...]

Chuck Todd Perfectly Describes One of the Most Dangerous Aspects About Donald Trump (Video)

In case you missed it, Donald Trump held his first "press conference" today as president-elect. I use the term "press conference" very loosely because this train wreck was really nothing more than Trump picking … [Read More...]

An Open Letter to the Democratic National Committee from 4 South Carolina Congressional Candidates

We call ourselves the South Carolina Blue Brothers. We are four 2016 South Carolina federal candidates who believe it is critical to share our experience working with the South Carolina Democratic Party (SCDP). … [Read More...]

This is the Real Reason Why Trump Supporters are so Upset with Meryl Streep’s Speech

If you're reading this, then I think it's safe to say that you've already heard about the powerful speech Meryl Streep gave at the Golden Globes. Needless to say, Donald Trump and the mindless sheep who follow … [Read More...]

Kellyanne Conway Stuns CNN’s Chris Cuomo with One of the Dumbest Things She’s Ever Said (Video)

Kellyanne Conway is nothing more than a propagandist who blatantly sells lies and outright fabrications like some sort of PR spokesperson for a deranged cult. Much like Donald Trump, she often seems to ignore … [Read More...]

5 Reasons Why I Have Absolutely No Respect for Most Donald Trump Supporters

Like many reading this, since Donald Trump launched his campaign, I've lost friends over heated exchanges concerning the most incompetent person to ever be elected president in this nation's … [Read More...]

Here’s What Trump and the GOP Aren’t Telling You About the Reversal on Congressional Oversight

One of the bigger stories over the last couple of days centered around a rather shady move by House Republicans to strip away power from an independent watchdog group that monitored the behavior of members of … [Read More...]

Megyn Kelly’s Fox News Departure Exposes an Alarming Reality About the Far Left & Right

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook is probably aware that I'm not the biggest fan of "fanatics." By "fanatics" I mean the far-left and far-right absolutists who seem to live in some sort of world … [Read More...]

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Donald Trump Has Once and For All Exposed Many Republicans as “Christian” Frauds

I've made no secret of my disdain concerning the Republican claim that they're the party for "Christian values." This is a party that pushes hate, fear, racism, bigotry and vilifies the poor while absurdly … [Read More...]

So, I Decided to Respond to a Christian Friend’s Pro-Donald Trump Post

While I normally don't comment on too many political things my friends and family post on social media, I've made a bit of an exception for this election. All I've really been doing is fact checking and … [Read More...]

My Entertaining Experience Exposing an Anti-Hillary Clinton ‘Christian Conservative’ Hypocrite

For the second time in less than two weeks, I found myself hanging out with a buddy who brought along an acquaintance who felt the need to bring up politics and religion. While I sort of knew this woman (let's … [Read More...]

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Right Off A Cliff

There’s One Thing Trump Supporters Unwittingly Do That Proves How Terrible He Is

Unless you're a supporter of Donald Trump, odds are you're probably pretty well aware of how awful he is. To this day it's still mind-boggling to think of how gullible someone has to be to think this idiot is … [Read More...]

Dear Conservatives: Facts Prove You’ve Been Wrong About Damn Near Everything

A while back, I wrote an article where I pointed out how conservatives have been on the wrong side of practically every major event in United States history. I want to make sure I emphasize conservatives - not … [Read More...]

Donald Trump and ISIS Have a Lot More in Common Than His Supporters Want to Admit

Before people have an Internet meltdown, I'm not saying Donald Trump is "just like ISIS." What I do want to look at, however, is the similarity in tactics used to manipulate their brainwashed supporters. In … [Read More...]

5 Reasons Why I Believe Russia Has Information to Compromise & Blackmail Trump

As most of us know, one of the biggest controversies swirling around right now concerns a report put together by a former MI6 British spy who was first hired by Republicans, then later Democrats, that … [Read More...]

Donald Trump is Awful, but One of His Closest Advisers Might Even be Worse (Video)

Most of us know that Donald Trump is an absolutely horrific human being and an embarrassment to this country. That being said, an argument could easily be made that his former campaign manager, and now top … [Read More...]

Here are 10 Reasons Why I Believe Donald Trump Has Committed Treason

While most within the mainstream media won't use the "T-word," I've maintained for quite a while now that I fully believe it's reasonable to use it when discussing Donald Trump, Russia and whether or not he's … [Read More...]

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