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Jeb Bush Whines That Science Is ‘Arrogant,’ World Laughs In Disgust

The "debate" over climate change is one of the most absurd topics I write about. Here we have the overwhelming majority of the world's scientists agreeing that humans are the leading driver of climate change, … [Read More...]


Fox News Mostly Ignores Josh Duggar’s Molestation Story, Readers Disgustingly Defend His Actions

As we all know, Fox News is essentially nothing more than a right-wing propaganda machine. I joked on my Twitter account the other day that I would love to get in contact with the network to ask them to please … [Read More...]

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders: “Too Big To Fail Banks Are Too Big To Exist”

Remember seven years ago when the big banks were begging us for a bailout which President Bush eventually signed off on, to the tune of $700 billion? Senator Bernie Sanders remembers, and after six big banks … [Read More...]


Jeb Bush Says Jesus Christ Would Have Been the ‘Perfect’ Presidential Candidate

The more Jeb Bush speaks, the more the American people realize - yup, he's definitely a Bush. For a while I actually though Jeb was a fairly intelligent person and his brother was just the dingbat of … [Read More...]

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Louie Gohmert Tries to Bash President Obama, Instead Proves How Incompetent George W. Bush Was

It's an absolute embarrassment to this country that Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is a member of our Congress. While that can be said for many politicians serving in our government, it's especially true for this … [Read More...]

michael savage

Right-Wing Radio Host Michael Savage: Obama Is ‘Satan’ And Wants A Race War

Back when I had a lengthier commute than I do now, I used to turn on AM talk radio from our local station KEPL 96.5 to see what our goofy friends on the right were chattering about that day. Much of what I … [Read More...]


John Boehner Pathetically Tries to Exploit Death of Navy Seal to Blame Obama for Bush’s Mistakes

When it comes to Republicans, they're nothing if not predictable. Since the days of Ronald Reagan their polices from top to bottom have essentially remained the same - though socially they've definitely shifted … [Read More...]

Demonstrators march during a protest near the McDonalds headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, May.
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A New Economic Study Proves Why We Need To Raise The Minimum Wage

If you believe conservative pundits and politicians, you probably believe that the poorest Americans are where they are not because we should raise the minimum wage, but because they're lazy and don't want to … [Read More...]


Thanks to Liberals, Anti-Obamacare Conservative Now Realizes ‘Pigheaded’ Republicans are the Problem

In the world of politics and political debates there are very few "victories." Basically a discussion between two opposing political factions (typically Democrat and Republican) yields what amounts to a … [Read More...]


Chris Christie Embarrasses Himself on Fox News Trying to Defend His Presidential Chances (Video)

In politics there are many variables, but also a lot of certainties. The candidate with the most money almost always wins, incumbents are almost impossible to defeat and politicians often have big egos - … [Read More...]

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Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Addresses the Joint Chiefs

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! It’s not every day a man of the cloth is invited to address the Joint Chiefs of Staff. So to begin, I want this august body to know that Cubic Zirconium Cathedral Ministries is … [Read More...]


Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Shuns the Gays

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! And you must be the secretary filling in for Beverly! Lord be praised, that temp agency always sends us lookers. Think I might spend the next hour or so locked in my office reading … [Read More...]


NC GOP Commissioner: Non-Christian Prayers Forbidden At County Meetings

To hear people like North Carolina's Lincoln County Board of Commissioners chairman Carrol Mitchem tell it, right-wing Christians are a persecuted class here in the United States. It's as if they can't come … [Read More...]

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Rand Paul’s Fake ‘Filibuster’ Was Nothing More Than a Sad Political Con Job

By now you've probably heard Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) held a nearly 11-hour campaign fundraiser on the Senate floor a nearly 11 hour spectacle on the Senate floor yesterday that he continually called a … [Read More...]

Lindsey Graham

5 Examples Showing Why Sen. Lindsey Graham Doesn’t Have The Mental Capacity To Be President

Add another clown's name to the circus - Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has announced that he's going to run for president in 2016. Because the Republican party really needed another candidate who stands absolutely … [Read More...]

Photo via Hillary Clinton on Facebook

Debunking the Myth that Hillary Clinton Isn’t “Liberal Enough”

I am an unapologetic Hillary Clinton supporter. Now, does that mean that I think she's perfect? Of course not. But the nonsense I've seen and heard from quite a few liberals over the last several weeks has … [Read More...]


The Truth: These Republican Candidates Are Just Too Stupid To Be President

We're not even anywhere near the heart of the 2016 presidential campaign and I'm already absolutely astonished at how idiotic these Republican candidates have managed to make themselves look. Sure, … [Read More...]


Jeb Bush Could Single-Handedly Cost Republicans the White House Even if He’s Not the Candidate

It's my belief that the 2016 GOP presidential nomination is going to come down to Jeb Bush or Scott Walker, though I still think when all is said and done that Bush will be the Republican candidate for … [Read More...]


Here’s Why Giving the Death Penalty to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is the Wrong Thing to Do

As most have heard by now, a jury sentenced Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death stemming from his conviction relating to the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Naturally this has sparked quite the heated debate among many … [Read More...]

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